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Bolt and Nut

December 20, 2021

There once was a lonely Nut

Who threw away the rule book,

jumped out the window screaming “innovate”!!

At the same time

threaded Bolt was passing by

walking the sidewalks seaching for a mate’-

Plomp !! Nut fell on his head

“Nuts and screws”, mating Bolt

shouted in unison with the screaming Nut

“The perfect fit”!!!

They came together

lived happily ever after

making nuts

and bolts –

Shouts of “Innovation”

“Nuts and Screws”

gave birth –

At last we have

the Nut

in the threaded Bolt.

Happy Day –

Monday before Christmas.

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  1. wonderful and a perfect fit. You really write very well. would love to read your book, if you’ve written. please do write if you haven’t yet

    • Happy Monday to you parneetsadchev. Thank you so much,
      Maybe with these little pieces i will knit or quilt a book 📖
      Thank you i really appreciate your thoughts.

  2. Timothy Price permalink

    Outside the innuendo, nuts and bolts are absolutely the innovators.

    • I could not agree with you more. They work in conjunction in engineering, technology and manufacturing. Without them you cannot produce strong equipment.
      You cannot lose one of them.

      Thanks for reading 😊

  3. And all this time I thought nut was a die, and made the threads on bolt…!

    • Lol..
      What, explain…a die?

      • First I should say, that my comment was made tongue-in-cheek… that being said, let me now wipe away the conundrum…

        The bolt, (male part), has threads on the outside… the nut, (female part), has threads on the inside… the instrument that cuts the threads on the bolt, is called a die… and the instrument that cuts the threads on the nut, is called a tap…

      • You are forgiven…😉

        And much appreciated. Bolt and Nut must take a bow to the instruments that came before them, Die and Tap. Thanks for sharing I didnt lnow this.
        Each Innovation have their own unique story. So very interesting

      • Thank you Abi… your forgiveness was the welcomed parachute I needed, to stem my rapid fall, after jumping into void of the blogisphere’s comment section… and I can now report… I landed safely…

      • 🤣😂😂
        I tell you I’m good with my hands. So you can trust the hands that made the parachute.

        🥂heres to safe landings🥂

  4. Aww, that’s awesomeness. Love it. Have a beautiful day, my dear. ❤️❤️❤️

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