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I think there is a possibility…

Yes, exactly, these were my thoughts as well Doyin, but on a completely different matter, yet also of the heart.

On Day 68 of the BBNAIJA LEVEL UP SEASON 7 of the show I had this convincing feeling that Aniekwe Francis Chidi (born October 14, 1993) was in for a big surprise of his own making.

And so it came to pass; Chizzy joined the elite list of past winners of Big Brother Naija Innoson vehicle, which includes season 6 ‘Shine Ya eye’ housemate Pere Egbim and season 5 ‘Lockdown’ Ozo. Believe me when I say that I am exceedingly happy for Chizzy. He is an absolutely deserving winner of this coveted prize. Chizzy has impacted every level up housemates’ stay in the house. Chizzy is a rider, which means he is not eligible to win the grand prize of N100million. But winning this beautiful car means he can drive his honey Doyin into the sunset and greet many sunrises with her. I shall not speak how he broke my heart when he went for Bella in the manner that he did. It is all water under the bridge now. Us addicts get caught up in the moments of the show. Chizzy winning is one of my grandest moments even though I could not watch it in real time due to that bugger called loadshedding.

“Na woman dey control you” – Chizzy and Sheggz exchange words over Bella

This is the way Chizzy use to rag Bella and Sheggz in the house. Thank goodness they climbed over that mountain and found a cordial path to each other.

We saw Chizzy mellow down as the beautiful Doyin began to creep into his heart.

I think she is nestled there and so we can’t wait to see what happens after the show.

Aniekwe Francis Chidi, popularly known as Chizzy the latest owner of a brand new five-seater IVM Connect car after emerging as the winner of this year’s IVM Big Brother task is also a multidimensional Nigerian entrepreneur, manager, and now a reality TV star. Like Bella he hails from Umunya, Anambra State. Chizzy has a strong sense of initiative. He is a laid-back individual with a pleasant outlook on life. He excels at multitasking, which has contributed to his success as a manager of businesses and an entrepreneur. Chizzy enjoys swimming, football, and dancing.

All I can say is, you gotta love him.

Under different circumstances he would be battling out for the number 1 spot in the show which comes to a grand end on Sunday 2 October 2022. And I can almost guarantee that he would’ve collected the grand prize. This said, the world is his oyster and from the bottom of my heart, I wish him well in love and life.

Round and Round

the house, a much needed early morning leg warmer after living high-rise for almost 2months. Most of all what a wonderful feeling to be with my bundles of joys again. Being away from them for this long made me quite anxious in the past 2 weeks. I was missing the physical contact. My bedroom was filled with welcome-home- balloons. Priceless, this love I see bubbling and dancing all over me.

I’m relieved as well. Traveling has become a highly organized step by step adventure. The landing was perfect. Great respect for the pilot. I prayed for this stranger thoughout the day. A perfect take-off too, the lit up Johannesburg skyline is a shadow of its former self, or so I think, could be influencer impressions. There are some certainties in life and one of them for me is the certainty of loadshedding in my ward. Generator luxury is a thing of the past for now till we get our act together with alternate energy. So here 🙏🏼 is to light and love…and

to more work for me. Meet our domestic cavies – Koko&Krush – the newest additions to our family.

Happy Blessed Tuesday to you.


And I can assure you they peaked in the most dramatic ways

First to be evicted was

Mr Casanova himself Groovy!

He left a trail of kisses in his wake. Besides necking with Beauty, we found out that he passionately kissed Ilebaye, pictured above in his hot embrace.

Groovy’s running mate and romantic partner

the top favourite to win the race, Phyna, was left behind to gather the pieces, pick up the baton for the homerun.

Oh myyyyy!!

In a sweet moment, coming with thunderous cries of delight from the crowd; Adekunle roared when he was declared a finalist – seeing the LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL

And before the dust was settled, the showmaster called out to SHEGGZ to leave the house….

Leaving a somewhat forlorn BELLA behind…

But not for long. BELLA was still in the running. Facing the chopping block with most of the men in the house,- Adekunle, Bryann, Groovy Hermès and Sheggz- she fought her way into the ninth week by public vote. After Sheggz was evicted she was left standing waiting on the verdict that would determine her fate in the game. All the other women in the house were declared finalist by immunity. BELLA had to take up the baton to run that last lap into the finals.

The crowd was stunned to silence when the showmaster returned and in the most dramatic and prolonged fashion announced the verdict and declared BELLA a finalist, meaning that she is safe and Bryann and Hermes were the last two male contenders in the dock.

The showmaster did not mince much words and in a highly intense moment he read the public vote; Hermes was evicted.

And Bryann AKA as Baby Brii booked a place for himself in the finals.

I don’t know what’s more exciting for the crowd; Adenkule surviving or Sheggz leaving, but it felt by the screams of the crowd, both were sweet.

The sweetest moment for me was seeing Ms Bella Berry booking for herself, by public vote, a place in the final.

Im sure your morning was busy doing your thang, while I did my thang by all means necessary. My day is busy. I won’t be around till late tonight. I’m making my way home. Wishing you a glorious Monday.

Celebrating Heritage Day

On Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton

Many would argue that they are tired with the same old carnival attire flaunted year in and year out on Heritage Day.

Yet thousands of foreigners and tourists cross the square, particularly on a Saturday. I think the marketing team did a great job of capturing the imagination of local and foreign tourists with their theme Carnival on the Square. It does leave one with a fuzzy feeling, yes this is my country.

Heritage Day is a South African public holiday celebrated on 24 September. On this day, South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions, in the wider context of a nation that belongs to all its people.

One way the day is often celebrated is by wearing traditional dress to various events that are held across the country. Another way that South Africans celebrate this day is with Braai, an informal barbecue that families often host. Different names for barbecue used by South Africans are Shisha Nyama or Ukosa. 


Someday all these tiny sparks will catch fire, someday people of Mzansi will dance and celebrate abundance through heritage around a huge bon- fire. We shall prosper and we shall be happy.

I Had A Man

Simply because I knew a Dorothy and simply because I was curious why the name sound Dorothy would court me so early in the day. At the sink this morning distracted playing with the soap suds, a little sad nostalgia got a hold of me. What if she is thinking I don’t carry her in my heart anymore? We keep those who have died, we keep them alive in our hearts. The Dorothy I know was a different Dorothy, such an old name, unlike the Poet with a similar name sound – Dorothea Lasky– whom I met along the browser’s highway (a servant-angel). The Dorothy of my familiar; all her life she worked at the printers, cleaning their machines, but essentially her life’s calling was to teach young children about the scriptures. So quite early in her life through homeschooling of her own commitment, she qualified herself to be a Sunday School Teacher. I remember how all the kids loved her, so did I. The way they ran, I also ran to meet and hug her. She had so much hugs inside of her to share. By far older, the Dorothy I know also taught me how to make bazaar baskets from soft cardboard and crinckle paper. She use to help me pick up my dropped stiches. I always felt confident knitting when she was near to guide me. My Dorothy was lovely, with slight soft and gentle smiles, all over her eyes. I couldn’t quite catch her thoughts when a smile played across her face whilst sewing the costumes for the Sunday School Concerts. Dorothy I know, also had a man. She married him late in life, for companionship, they died within days of each from deadly covid. Right there at the tip of my heart it begins to ache.

Photo Credit: Sylvie Rosokoff

It’s the slight smile floating like a cloud in the sky, the smile in the eyes of Dorothea Lasky that caught my eye, in the soap suds I see Dorothy smiling at me. Dorothy was the kind of girl who wouldn’t lose her hat or cut her hair, it wasn’t biblical to do that and I doubt very much if she would’ve written poetry like Dorothea Lasky. Although I must confess she kept a forbidden romantic novel under her pillow for after-prayers- reading by candle light at night. The idea you may say is utterly ridiculous to go in search of a message, find a face – which turned out to be brilliant- like a match made in heaven dancing before me and smiling in the dust of the soap suds

I Had a Man by Dorothea Lasky

Today when I was walking 
I had a man tell me as he passed
That I was a white bitch (he was white)
And to not look at him
Or he was going to “fuck me in my little butthole”
I wandered away
Who is to say
I think I am a white bitch
My butt is big
But I believe my butthole is little
This violence that we put on women
I don’t think it’s crazy
Someone I know said
“Oh, that man was crazy”
I don’t think he was crazy
Maybe he could tell I had a look in my eye
That wasn’t crazy anymore
Maybe he could feel the wild cool blood in me
And it frightened him
Maybe he knew I was the same as him
But had been born with this kind face and eyes
Doughlike appurtenances
What about the day I left
What happened then
Dark bird barreling down upon me
In the gentle air, to take me in his beak
Pink and patterned house
Never-ending sister speech
To go along the coaster and never return
To never repeat
Did that one bitter eye know I have a voice
To say what my words have done to me
That unkind wind that blew through my brain
With no thought of me
Just to still the jungle animals
Just to feed the endless clearing
The giant
Green and simple
Face of the sea  

Along with Alex Dimitrov, Dorothea Lasky is one half of the Astro Poets, whose book, Astro Poets: Your Guides to the Zodiac, was published by Flatiron Books in October, 2019.

‘Faith in the imagination’ is a Dorothea Lasky mantra if you may.

She [Dorothea] intends to perturb, disturb, disrupt, and awaken.”

— Boston Review

“Poems are special because they make a space, a real space, where we can all go. This place is a city called The Imagination. It is whatever you want it to be, half-hell, half-dreamworld, half-Paradise, half-light and ashes, but poems are the special things that make it real forever.”

Dorothea Lasky, from “Poetry, Ghosts, and the Shared Imagination,” Animal (Wave Books, 2019)

“There is a kind of arrogance, a kind of supreme power, that when infused with a little real humility and expertise, makes a poem. Because the poem is always about the speaker.” – Dorothea Lasky was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She earned a BA from Washington University, an MFA at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, a Masters in Arts Education from Harvard University, and a doctorate in creativity and education at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dorothea writes with the awareness that what she writes, someday a real person will read her work and it will make sense to that person. With this in mind, she becomes vigilant and discerning to always consider the type of language she is using to convey the emotions or ideas she want to say in ways that are clear or accessible to a wide variety of people. Thinking about her reader she is driven to write with a profound love for the future. Oftentimes in her past writings, but not necessarily now, in the process of developing her thoughts she would imagine an immortal beloved who is both real and unreal and then begin to pen her thoughts.

In her creative process directing her poems to the you is a great assistance because it becomes like letter writing. It’s real, informal, and full of complex emotion all at once. Clearly I felt myself being the you as her smile brought me a message through the pages of the browser’s highway.

Everything is so context-rich, but at the same time, I don’t think poems should explain themselves. I think writing poems is about making sure they have as much integrity within them as they possibly can, so that if you dropped your poem into outer space, the person who finds it will have a real experience.” – Dorothea Lasky

Prefixing, or: Next-to-last

week of the finale three young ladies have secured their seats for the Top 5 in the Level Up Edition of BBNAIJA SEASON 7.

In a dramatic race of balancing beams and securing balls, Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor AKA as ChiChi won the HOH challenge and automatically secured her place in the final, scheduled for 2 October 2022 . As the new HOH, Chichi also held the ultimate veto power to choose two housemates who will join her in the finale. The remaining housemates had to make a pitch as to why they deserve a place in the finale. Each of the remaing housemates had 90 secs to address the HOH one by one in the lounge while the others sat outside in the garden.

At the end of the process ChiChi selected Daniella and Phyna to move with her straight into the finals, based on their heart-rendering pitches.

Born January 9 2000, Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor or as she prefers to be called “Chichi“, is an exotic dancer and chef from Imo State in Nigeria. Growing up, Chichi came through a difficult childhood, living her young life as an orphan. She was the 23rd housemate to enter the Island on 24 July 2022 .

Quite early in the show Chichi developed a love interest for Deji, (a fake housemate) which grew into quite a steamy romance. After Deji left the house Chichi became somewhat withdrawn, but not for long. Her fighting spirit got her out of bed and also with the support of her roomy (Phyna) she began to pick up and gather all the pieces that makes Chichi tick.

Chichi found herself directly or indirectly in the crossfire of many fights in the house She admits her bluntness can sometimes tick people off, but she doesn’t mind because she believes in sincerity. Besides, she emphasis that she doesn’t bear any grudges.

Chichi says that she is not a kiss-and-tell kind of girl “It’s either I say things the way they are, or I don’t say it at all”. She loves swimming, dancing and travelling, and considers herself “an unshakeably ambitious goal-getter”.  Past Heads of House for the season include Eloswag (Weeks 1 and 4), Hermes (Weeks 2 and 7)Adekunle (Week 3), Chomzy (Week 5), and Dotun (Week 6), and Phyna (Week 8). There is more to the exotic dancer and chef than meets the eye.

We wish this fireball together with the other two finalist all the excitement and success that comes with being HOH and finalist in the most thrilling week of the show.

Single Tasking –

Returning to the Art of Slow.

Nothing is Rushed.

Dilemmas Resolved.

-Disarm your body with the stillness of catching the sun.-

Everything is prepared, [in Winter nature slows down.]

She turns inward,

sends her breath through her body

finds her silence soothing and solaceful

heading to her neighborhood seamstress and have her stitch

something beautiful and cuddlesome.

Notes from the Divided Country

This is the final poem in Suji Kwock Kim’s collection Notes from the Divided Country

Suji Kwock Kim won the 2002 Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets for her first book of poetry, Notes from the Divided Country, selected by Yusef Komunyakaa. 

The Korean Community Garden in Queens
by Suji/Sue Kwock Kim

In the vacant lot nobody else bothered to rebuild,
dirt scumbled for years with syringes and dead
week-husks, tire-shreds and smashed beer bottles,
the first green shoots of spring spike through—

bullbrier, redroot, pokeweed, sowthistle,
an uprising of grasses whose only weapons are themselves.
Blades slit through scurf. Spear-tips spit dust
as if thrust from the other side. They spar and glint.

How far will they climb, grappling for light?
Inside I see coils of fern-bracken called kosari,
bellflower cuts named toraji in the old country.
Knuckles of ginger and mugwort dig upward,

shoving through mulched soil until they break
the surface. Planted by immigrants they survive,
like their gardeners, ripped from their native
plot. What is it they want, driving and driving

toward a foreign sky? How not to mind the end
we’ll come to. I imagine the garden underground,
where gingko and ailanthus grub cement rubble.
They tunnel slag for foothold. Wring crumbs of rot

for water. Of shadows, seeds foresung as Tree
of Heaven & Silver Apricot in ancient Mandarin,
their roots tangle now with plum or weeping willow,
their branches mingling with tamarack or oak.

I love how nothing in these furrows grows unsnarled,
nothing stays unscathed. How last year’s fallen stalks,
withered to pith, cleave to this year’s crocus bulbs,
each infant knot blurred with bits of garbage or tar.

Fist to fist with tulips, iris, selving and unselving
glads, they work their metamorphoses in loam
pocked with rust-flints, splinters of rodent-skull—
a ground so mixed, so various that everything

is born of what it’s not. Who wouldn’t want
to flower like this? How strangely they become
themselves, this gnarl of azaleas and roses of Sharon,
native to both countries, blooming as if drunk

with blossoming. Green buds suck and bulge.
Stem-nubs thicken. Sepals swell and crack their cauls.
Lately every time I walk down this street to look
through the fence, I’m surprised by something new.

Yesterday hydrangea and chrysanthemums burst
their calyxes, corolla-skins blistering into welts.
Today jonquils slit blue shoots from their sheaths.
Tomorrow day-lilies and wild-asters will flame petals,

each incandescent color unlike: sulfur, blood, ice,
coral, fire-gold, violet the hue of shaman robes—
every flower with its unique glint or slant, faithful
to each particular. All things lit by what they neighbor

but are not, each tint flaring without a human soul,
without human rage at its passing. In the summer
there will be scallions, mung-beans, black sesame,
muskmelons, to be harvested into buckets and sold

at market. How do they live without wanting to live
forever? May I, and their gardeners in the old world,
who kill for warring dreams and warring heavens,
who stop at nothing, say life and paradise are one

In 2002 her poems were set to music by the Mayako Kubo and the Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus, which premiered in Berlin and Tokyo in 2007.

Historical Background Information to the Poem

Evergreen Community Garden Queens– is a five-acre community garden in a predominantly Korean neighborhood in Flushing, Queens, with nearly 300 garden plots.

Evergreen Community Garden Queens – before the elderly Korean immigrants took over the park in 1982, it was a forgotten and overgrown site of a 19th-century railroad amid a scramble of middle-class row houses.

“For many of these seniors, gardens and senior centers become very, very precious.” – Ms. Yoon

“The act of cultivating and growing something, like squash or cucumbers, it reminds them of their homeland, it’s a lifeline. It’s critical to their emotional and mental health.” – Ms. Yoon

“The fight over the garden touches on these generational and cultural issues” – Kyung Yoon, executive director of the Korean American Community Foundation

Home to one of the largest concentrations of Koreans in the country, Flushing contains more than half of the city’s poor Korean-Americans, according to the Center for an Urban Future, a nonprofit New York-based policy think tank. The center also says that 94% of Korean seniors in Flushing struggle with English.

Born: 1969 in the United States Suji Kwock Kim was educated at Yale College; Notes from the Divided Country was published in 2003. Her work has been performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus, recorded for NPR, BBC Radio, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Free Genoa and Radio Free Amsterdam, and translated into Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Korean, Japanese, Bengali and Arabic.

The consciousness of the power and pain that comes with language is ever present in her discourse, where the barrier between body and word is often uncertain. Her work is relevant in both academic and artistic circles. She is also co-author of Private Property a multimedia show that has been featured in BBC-TV.

The Catalyst

In chemistry she is the substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed in the process.
Someone that encourages progress or change.

Osy Allysyn Audu, is 25 years old. She walked into the BBNAIJA Level Up Season 7 Island House on the 24 July 2022. She was the 17th Housemate to walk in right after Adekunle.

In literature a catalyst is an inciting incident that sets the successive conflict into motion.

After investing all her money in furniture for a show she wanted to start on YouTube ¬– then subsequently losing it all when Covid hit, this 25-year-old is eager to get it all back and then some, by winning Big Brother Naija. – DSTV
In the  automotive sector the catalyst is called a catalytic converter.

In fantasy a catalyst is an object that facilitates the casting of a spell (such as a magic wand).

Facing many restrictions from the outside world it becomes absolutely normal that within these confined spaces, that housemates form special relationships even romantic ones in the house. Love and affection are beautiful things. From the outset of the show, Allysyn who hails from Edo, Benin formed an affectionate and caring relationship with Adekunle. In the beginning she often cooked breakfast for him. Later on they drifted apart because Adekunle believed she was Taming the relationship in the wrong direction. At a fashion show task presentation, dressed in one of Adekunle’s creation Big Brother referred to her as a lioness.

Allysyn BBNaija was born on May 11, 1997. The smooth-headed Allysyn who also carries the nickname Smooth Allysyn is famous for her unique skin cut. An easy-going person, Allysyn describes herself as “a creative goofball who enjoys experiencing people.” She enjoys watching movies, modeling, hanging out with friends, and making her lip gloss.

“I take everything as a joke, and I like to do things in my own time.” – Osy Allysyn Audu

Currently Allysyn is in a romantic relationship with Hermes, who also entere the Level Up House on the 24 July 2022. He was the 22nd housemate to grace the Island on that night.

Born on April 21, Hermes Chibueze Iyele is a performance artist, basketball player, public speaker and American flag footballer. He hails from Delta State in Nigeria and currently resides in Lagos.

Hermes lit up reputable festival stages in Lagos, Glasgow (Scotland’s western Lowlands) and Rotterdam (City in the Netherlands). With his original dance he also appeared with his unique dance pieces in music videos for afrobeat stars including Burna Boy, Davido and Ajebo Hustlers.

In his real life outside the house, Hermes is in an intimate relationship with two women and they know each other. We will have to wait and see how Allysyn fits into the picture.

I’m one to tell the truth, but over time I’ve realised many people are not particularly fond of perspectives they don’t agree with, so I tell the truth, but diplomatically,” – Hermes Chibueze Iyele

In a twist of fate both Hermes and Allysyn together with their friend Adekunle are facing eviction on Sunday. We wish them all the best.

Then, let the people have the final say…

this is how we understand the game that is slowly coming to and end. This means, walking towards the grand finale many will fall and favourites will surely be realeased into the real world.

In just a few days time the inevitable will happen. On Sunday any of the housemates on the chopping block could be evicted.

On 24 July 2022, Adekunle Tobilola Olopade, popularly known as Adekunle, was the 16th housemate to enter BBNAIJA Island house to participate in the Level Up edition and Season 7. Adekunle is a 27-year-old digital marketing consultant from Lagos. He is also a social media sensation.

Born on October 6, 1994 in Lagos State. Adekunle who lives on Lagos Island is Yoruba and a proud Lagosian. Adekunle is a dreamer, so he dreams of a better life for himself; he also has political ambitions which is to make the world a better place. By winning this show Adekunle hopes to help pay off his mother’smortgage, loans, and debt.

Adekunle says he believes he is always right and thinks he is quite smart. At some point I believed that he could win the show, but as the show begins to round up its said and dones, I think he could be the first runner up, but the crown belongs to the people’s favourite Phyna.

“[Also, ]I learned recently that I use a lot of grammar when I speak.” – Adekunle Tobilola Olopade.

We wish him all the best as he awaits the voter’s decision on Sunday.