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Our Anniversary

Tenants in that toxic ungracious harshness,
against the tumultuous course of our young lives,

arguing and struggling with something bigger than us,

love came to us brusquely, 
we casted our stones in a lake, from the riverbanks, we dropped them into the ocean, circles they formed came to rest at the edges of the seas

there in the colourfully woven exotic world of ours
we shared our happiness, clique stones in a lake, tossed them in river clubs we formed, without a shoreline,

we gathered and we gathered

creeping and crawling
love always came to us brusquely

without establishment
we drafted a married couple’s list –
the slopes were steep and cope we did,
still, so oft we found tranquil ponds within this slopey territory…

For some it sounded cliché,
the wafting aroma of apple strűdel every Sunday,
filtered through our marriage

Love came brusquely
and suddenly

a stone was cast and splintered our tranquility.

Coming through her roots

Eliminating superfluous matter and the unwanted

at the unveiling,
shaped up and pruned,

full blast, she sat proudly looking sharper
than ever,

she revealed all her blade-like greens,

life and love and what really matters –
wit and her wisdom and eelgrass understanding…

Breathless, unstirred by the spume of the daily headlines,

as the chill of the evening finally settles,

she ponders
the seasonality of life.

In the world of Flora, there are
summer annuals,
winter annuals,
biennials, and perennials, –

the seductive phenomenon
known as hues.

Eve Maria

sung, is haunting, and even more beautiful,

yearning commission, beseeching supernatural discernment.

I felt her tears warm on my face…
In the moment you committed.

“Was it you or I who stumbled first? It does not matter. The one of us who finds the strength to get up first must help the other.”

– Vera Nazarian, ‘The Perpetual Calendar Of Inspiration’.

‘For thou canst hear amid the wild’

The hills are alive with poetry

Nature photographs,

fallen bark frames smiling faces

You love, speak in silence

Something small

But meaningful.

Cut them some slack.

Show these great transformers,

dads and moms, the best respect.

How it is happening

news industry highly competitive,
fame and fortune raising money,
politician mimic celebrity.

Some say that there is always a level of politics behind art. Others say politics corrupts art and that it should instead focus on an expression of beauty. – Addison Fach

Art as Political Expression

5 Keys To Unlock 2022 Possibilities

This is the year you must intentionally study the Word of God, stay in the word, stand on the word, speak the word, and spread the word. – Adeleke Adeite

Endless Possibilities, Hand Signed and Numbered by Ford Smith,

It is such a privilege and joy to read from the insightful mind and heart full of praises to God, seeking to always walk in his way.

Pins and Needles

on her knees –
disentangling knots,

captured cello
between her legs,
playing the prelude
for Suite No. 1 –
now the mystery haunts

31 December 2021…

an assortment of emotions in the quiet, empty space, feelings of uncertainty, excitement, exhaustion, joy, anxiety, peace, and relief. there the day is come, finally wrap up another year.

lingering sadness filled my thoughts as we remember the departed, the love and companionship we enjoyed, no longer at hand, left with the memories of a hug, a kiss and a caress

in this quiet empty space, overcome with a blanket of closure, we hug and embrace all the feelings that accompany such a transition

in our quiet empty spaces, we’ve gathered the brushes and the leaves 🍃 we pause to celebrate all our successes,

as the end of the year comes to a close, in our defoliated quiet space we reflect on our deeds, our acts and our achievements, full of renewed vigor

in the quiet empty spaces, enjoy all the little pleasures and the freshness of the day, blessed 31 December.

What to do with all the answers…2021

The individual wants to know, public demand answers, insanity prevails, people want their strip shows, says the classification committe, how they handle it, only heaven knows…

wanting answers, was it white, was it black, those in between, following claims, spoilt ballad papers, growing unrest

in this party also the other one, more detail, urge to summons the owners, reviews from the archives, planned closure of sheep and meats…

what will we do with all the answers, move swiftly with an investigation, unqualified allegation independent whistle-blowing services, anyone can suspect, witness or observe

wrongdoing, seeing how it works, madness sat there stroking everyone, shameless looting, silence on the issue unsuccessful attempts to find the answers,

can we handle them referred all communication regarding the matter, what will we do with all the answers, take further steps to give clarity…

Jan Van Eyck, The Just Judges (Photograph), c1426 | (c) WikiCommons/1Veertje

a plethora of prolific stolen treasure troves still to be found.