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Where do we begin



Massaging pretty ANGEL toes…

To tell the sweet love story


I see many portraits in my visions.
portraits of black sheep in division.

portraits of eyes so deep,
a portrait for ones soul to keep.

portraits of two hearts collided,
a portrait of a life divided.

portraits of wise men citing verse,
a portrait of sage ending in curse.

portraits of shadows with knives,
a portrait of the horned ones as they connive.

portraits of footprints imprinted in the sand,
a portrait of those footprints washed free of this land.

portraits of life and blackness of dieing,
a portrait of some innocence, then crying.

portraits of smiles not to be trusted,
a portrait of a chain all weathered and rusted.

i have many portraits my collection has grew,
a portrait of my life and a visionary portrait of you.

Đaviđ67 Sep 2019

Sun-flooded Silks

flowered peignoir,
red ribbons in knots.

voluptuous and kinky curls
flouncing in small
and delicately worked

pieces, of sun-flooded silks –
he presses in where
the boudoir door closes
behind them and
find familiar territory

exquisite coupling of rendez-vous
rhythm on a red upholstered bench
sit back baby, revel the ride.


the SWARTBERGE  (black mountain in Afrikaans) was covered in a cloak of snow white. What a majestic sight, and I can only imagine the awe-inspiring drive for many who travel through the Swartberge Pass after the snow fell through the night.

And me, I was in heaven after seeing this recent image posted below of motorists traveling on this long piece of hard ground call the Swartbergpas indicated by the signage.

As you are driving towards your destination the Indian Coast is your constant guide.

Swartberge, is a mountain range in Western Cape province, South Africa, extending east-west for 150 mi (240 km) from near the town of Willowmore to the edge of the Witteberge, roughly parallel with the Indian Ocean coast.

Not so long ago I did promise to run a special note on Oudshoorn, and I still intend to spend sometime in the Cango Caves -online of course- just to relive some childhood memories. Yet here we are, I didn’t think the town would give me a nudging reminder about my promise so soon.

Enticingly beautiful in her natural setting without the fully- covered snow tops, pictured above is the Swartberge mountain range near Oudsthoorn. The Swartberg is the barrier dividing the semiarid Great Karoo (north) and Little Karoo (south) plateaus. 

Small reservoirs amid the peaks supply water to adjacent lowland areas; and gorges, secluded valleys, sheer rock faces, and caves.

The Swartberge mountain range is extremely popular for her indulgently curvy slopes with the adventuresome world wide. It lies thousands of miles distant from major African cities such as Lagos and Cairo and more than 6,000 miles (10,000 km) away from most of Europe, North America, and eastern Asia,

Forecaster, Surprise Mhlongo says, there is no more snowfall expected for the rest of the week.

There was snowfall in the past two days over the Stellenbosch, Ceres and Garden Route mountains of the Western Cape. Some snowfall was also over the Southern higher ground of the Namakwa district, Sutherland and Calvinia. There’s no more snowfall expected for the remainder of the week.

How life will begin to change in these districts one can’t tell. We can only trust that in the future people will be insulated from the cold as the mountain ranges consistently with insistence carry the winter wonderland mantle with every passing year.

A Crucial Excercise

Former South African wristspinner Paul Adams has revealed several instances of racial discrimination, including being nicknamed “brown s***” by his team-mates, across his playing and coaching career. Speaking at Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) Social Justice and Nation-Building hearings, Adams called for greater education to ensure people of all races are treated with respect going forward.

Adams also recalled how he was viewed by certain sections of the media, who, he said, used preconceived ideas about people of his race, Cape Coloured, as criminals to describe his bowling action.

Adams said the SJN project, established last year by Cricket SA after a call by Lungi Ngidi for the Proteas to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement, exposed an undercurrent of racism within South African cricket, was a crucial exercise that South African cricket desperately required.

“I got many messages and a special message from Tata Nelson Mandela [South Africa’s former president],” Adams said. “He expressed to me how important I was for the country and what it meant. That’s when I sat back and felt there’s more to this game of cricket than just me walking out onto the cricket field. I represented a new generation of young black South Africans performing in the world. It hadn’t been seen before.

Nolu Ndzundzu, the first black African woman to represent South Africa’s woman’s cricket side, said she felt humiliated after being told that if she spoke in her home language Xhosa in front of her national teammates, she was being “rude.”

Thandi Tshabalala was testifying at Cricket SA’s Social Justice and Nation Building hearings, telling the ombudsman, Adv Dumisa Ntsebeza and his assistants, that he never felt welcome in the Proteas dressing room.

Thami Tsolekile, said he didn’t make any reference to the 2015/16 match fixing saga in his submission to the Social Justice and Nation Building project because there wouldn’t be enough time to go through all the details.

“You would need a full three days,” said Tsolekile, who added that he had two files about the saga, which effectively ended his playing career, when he received a 12 year ban from Cricket SA, following its investigation. “I’ve made a conscious decision not to submit about the match-fixing scandal because, I’ve decided that I will deal with that matter differently, not in this forum.”


Maybe he (Boucher) should come and say sorry. Maybe that is all that needs to happen. It is something that should not be brushed under the carpet. We should air it, if we want our teams within Cricket SA to have the right ethics, the right mentality, the right respect for one another, we should air these things.” – Paul Adams

It was a beautiful day

at the cusp of water and fire.

Your Word is filled with warning, but never taunting. We thank You for speaking directly to us in the most unusual and unconventional ways.

When the whole world is going haywire and in chaos the people of July will find in the midst of turmoil to smile about the one thing beautiful happening on that day.

We give thanks and PRAISE for their precious and undying love for family and friends.

And oh, this was timely. You never fail us Lord.




And Ends Up With A-Kiss

the thrill of a woman’s kiss-

drawn into the mouth

her lips, two blushing

pilgrims, caressing

horny impulses

shaggy toying

from kiss to kiss

a sweeter kiss

clasping, then rocking

the bigger dipper

between her legs

Fire and Desire

you are happening
right now, wild
and emblazoned
cradle me,

I yearn to feel
the fire
in your fingers

find your way to me
I want to give my desire
totally and completely
your heart beating

as you press yourself
against my priori –
experienced fingertips
grazing my skin


Just A…



Good Night.

Unable to Resist

Time stands still
when two lovers
share all that they have.

Coming at her neck
and red wine lips,
then her generous
cleavage and the rift,

with his human trunk
thrust into attention,
unable to resist
like butterfly wings

her smooth legs spread.
their bodies entwined
breathless in embrace

in lustful
sensual and slow
love unravels