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Goblet – A Haiku

In honour of the Titan’s Goblet –

The Titan’s Goblet

Thomas Cole American


The Titan’s Goblet has been called a “picture within a picture” and a “landscape within a landscape”: the goblet stands on conventional terrain, but its inhabitants live along its rim in a world all their own. Vegetation covers the entire brim, broken only by two tiny buildings, a Greek temple and an Italian palace. The vast waters are dotted with sailing vessels. Where the water spills upon the ground below, grass and a more rudimentary civilization spring up. The massive, vegetation encrusted goblet around whose rim are found classical ruins, and on whose glassy surface boats sail, has been linked to Norse legend and Greek mythology.  – Wiki

Blackfin lagoon
Beauty, moist goblet lapping
Enjoying the beads

The Playwright and the Therapist

Bringing muses to light

With heart and mind disjointed the storyteller walks along the lines of disappointment. Scattered and kicking up fairytale dust; she wouldn’t mind your reading the chaotic overwrought Rhyming Couplet Ideas for the anointed… haha.

Building a story was fun and challenging to find my way through the labyrinth of the rhyming couplet, besides it took hours of pacing to and fro before posting, so here we go.

Image credit: From photograph of Picasso’s “Interior with a Girl Drawing”, 1935, by Sharon Mollerus

See the observing of the playwright,
I think he’s angry at the height.

He finds it hard to see the sky,
Overshadowed by the starry ai.

Who is that gathering near the moon?
I think she’d like to eat the commune.

She is but an inner therapist,
Admired as she sits upon a psychotherapist.

Her innate car is just a chamber,
It needs no gas, it runs on bedchamber.

She’s not alone she brings an eaves,
a pet wolf, and lots of heaves.

The wolf likes to chase a daybreak,
Especially one that’s in the caique.

The playwright shudders at the instinctual shard
He want to leave but she wants the churchyard.

At the Khoyemi residence – BBTITANS – over the last 48 hrs we could hear banging, pressing, thumbing, fingering and well-rehearsed motions also well-practiced actions. With a major eviction looming the house is heating up. Daggers are drawn and swords are out of their scabbards. Love, lovers and friendships are under threat. The name of the game is exit, one pair come Sunday must leave show before Valentines – rest assured, hearts will be broken. Needless to say that the pairings; Khosicle, Thabana Yelisa and Juvonne are safe.

In danger are Jenne Li in picture and the pairing of…

Kanaga Jr and Blue Aiva -Kaniva.

Have a great Wednesday 👍.

Praise for Wand

Conquering Hero

Benevolent and Adventurous

He makes life wonderful

I so love my wand
He is so charismatic.
He has good factors
And many more good features
When he flirts I feel happy

A tanka poem deviates from a haiku poem, however, with fourth and fifth lines that are each seven syllables. – Masterclass

In the week that was, KHOTHA – Khosi and Thabang – captured the TimeLine and Strap for the entire week. Both are up for eviction so we’ve seen some pressing moments during the week. No shaking, they are safe.

Day 5: Marvin and Yaya flirt – BBTitans

The main concerns are the pairing of Marvin and Yaya (MAYA)

and also Jaypee and Lukay (JAYKAY).

Yet, my gut speaks and tells me that the short season of the plus-plus model and the muscle man is over.

1 February 2023

At 21.43hrs

She said, hi mom, our evening moon 💕

Pensive summertime
A crescent, shy moon waning
before the leopard

The “katana” is embedded in the national psyche.

SWORD of the samurai warrior, employed by rich landowners in the Heian Campaign.

During the Heian Period, wealthy landowners began to organize as an independent and a self- governing entity- sovereign from central government, with the armed backing of a skilled blade runner, the samurai warrior.

For over 1,000 years, Japan’s master swordsmiths have supplied weapons worthy of this sublime responsibility, leading the world in standards of craftsmanship, beauty and mystique. – Kieron Monks

Samurai Katana Art Gallery Mode [2022]

Samurai reason.

Wooden ploughshares supply.

Old breastplates saber.

Reis bucklers skill.

Dead samurai sabre.

Samurai Katana Art Gallery Mode [2022]

In 1849, French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr wrote “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose “ – the more things change, the more they stay the same… Turbulent changes do not affect reality on a deeper level other than to cement the status quo.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend

Oh, before I forget, I’m still trying to understand the complex layers of the Khoyemi love story, but for now I’ve set the book aside, waiting on some more feed back.


I was not really surprised, only suffering reluctant acceptance and in positive denial, lol, to receive the buzz word package that arrived on the morning of 29.01.2023; confirmation Sunday.

noun:   A situation, in a soap opera or other fiction, in which a new storyline explains or changes a previous event or attaches a new significance to it.

Retcon, (verb).“to later revise (an established element of a fictional story),” is a shortening based on the first syllables in retroactive continuity. This type of shortening is called syllabic abbreviation, and other common examples in English include fro-yo (from frozen yogurt), hazmat (from hazardous material), and sitcom (from situation comedy). 

Retcon in a sentence: Though the first season showed the doctor naming the family spaceship after his/her favorite Norse god, later seasons retconned this and gave all the ships that same name.

Feeling powerless, chronically doubtful, shaky, blocked, unable to follow through, without inspiration, unaroused, without soulfulness, without meaning- in order to apply a good medicine; at the kick-off the new season the writers set out to change original elements and so created a recon storyline of the ancient script.


In other news within the ongoing Khosi and Yemi (Khoyemi) love story, we had the first BBTITANS eviction.

After spending one week in the house, by overwhelming Naija and Mzansi public vote, Sandra and Theo Traw (SanTheo) were voted out of the first season of BBTITANS -ZiyakhalaWahala- reality show.

Wishing you a glorious Monday

The art of yawning and stretching

Pandiculation: nature’s way of maintaining functional integrity; was chosen as the science word of the week


[ pan-dik-yuh-ley-shuhn ]


the act of stretching oneself, especially on waking.

Pandiculation is the involuntary stretching of the soft tissues, which occurs in most animal species and is associated with transitions between cyclic biological behaviors, especially the sleep-wake rhythm (Walusinski, 2006).

Unfortunately, pandiculation is not related to panda, which was borrowed from one of the languages spoken in Nepal.


[ pan-duh ]SHOW IPA


Also called giant panda. a white-and-black, bearlike mammal, Ailuropoda melanoleuca, now rare and restricted to forest areas of central China containing stands of bamboo, on which it mainly subsists: formerly placed with the raccoon family but now classified as a bear subfamily, Ailuropodinae, or as the sole member of a separate family, Ailuropodidae, which diverged from an ancestral bear lineage.

I found it quite a lovely coincidence after the yoga session of ZiyakhalaWahala on Friday to receive the mail notification of the science word of the week…

And felt it a privilege and most appropriate time to honour our peace loving panda, tail of the week, Ebubu. Have a great Saturday.

An otherworldly shade of violet.

Bulgari is the only word….

Elizabeth Taylor knew in Italian…

Burton – born Richard Walter Jenkins Jr.; 10 November 1925- once said of Taylor. He later followed up with a 69-carat Cartier ring. Liz would remain married to Burton until 1974, making this decade-long partnership her longest marriage.

Noted for his mellifluous baritone voice; the first day that Elizabeth Taylor saw the handsome Welsh actor Richard Burton on the set of Cleopatra he walked over to her and whispered, “Has anybody ever told you that you’re a very pretty girl?” 

By this time, Elizabeth was on the cusp of 30 and at the height of her smoldering sensuality. She was already the most famous star of the twentieth century known for her raven hair and legendary blue eyes that some swore were an otherworldly shade of violet.

Elizabeth didn’t let that cliche pickup line pass her wit. She responded

“Here’s the great lover,” she joked, “the great wit, the great intellectual of Wales, and he comes out with a line like that.”

Elizabeth starred as Cleopatra, the woman who had conquered empires, and Richard played Marc Antony, the powerful Roman general who became Cleopatra’s lover. 

But where am I heading with all of this. Well Yemi in the “Call of the Titans” the Khoyemi saga aka ZiyakhalaWahala reminds me of Richard Burton who had the perchant for seducing the leading ladies. To crown it all Richard was a married man.

If you think the Khosicle pairing turned the Khoyemi fairy tale upside down then you haven’t met Blue Aiva Mokoana from the house of Kaniva yet.

Things turned a teeny weeny messy last night after the pool party when the leading lady confronted Blue Aiva about her romantic liaisons with the main man Yemi Cregx.

It’s Friday, have a good one. I shall keep you posted. Harken, I can lay your hearts to rest, do not be afraid; Khoyemi at the close of the day, slept in the same bed. Sleep Sweetly.

In Afrika…

just one Kiss between a man and a woman – or other- can break the internet, especially on a show like BBTITANS.

But first allow me to put your hearts at rest: with Miracle OP on the set, joined to the hip with Khosi, thanks to Biggie’s intervention through the pairing strategy; it doesn’t abridge the reverie for the Khoyemi saga. Khosicle exists to spice things up. Biggie merely designed the platform for this “forbidden” love affair to flourish. However, sadly so, one or two pairings are a total disaster and will unfortunately greatly disturb the individual game of young people who auditioned by themselves to get a space on the show. Now disadvantaged they have to navigate their complex terrain, coupled with someone who will change their game and possibly execute an early exit for them from the show. Needless to say, the pairing construct hasn’t withered the Khoyemi saga; the countrysides in all of Africa are still jacked up and quiveringly transfixed by the Khosicle affair;

dedede derrr… let me not twala for too long, the sneaky excahnge is complete and we have new teams.

It’s just that- this one kiss- …

… one iconic kiss between two titans – Ipeleng and Lukay– captured on film splattered the internet; adding to the files of the kiss, its origin and deep mystery, got Africa shooked up last night. To date it is the most memorable kiss in history of bbtitans, which has only just begun.

A scene of the Mahabharata with Gopis, Daughters of the Cowherds, and Krishna.

Werner Forman/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Scholars debate whether kissing began as a trend that spread around the globe, or sprung up organically in different regions. Whatever the case, the earliest known written mentions of it are in Vedic Sanskrit scriptures circa 1500 B.C., according to research by Vaughn Bryant, an anthropology professor at Texas A&M University. 

Saint Suttle and Gertie Brown

The first “Black Kiss” was captured on film in 1898. Saint Suttle and Gertie Brown starred in a short film titled Something Good-Negro Kiss. In 2017, film historians rediscovered the footage, which was filmed by a white man named William Selig in Chicago.

“There’s a performance there because they’re dancing with one another, but their kissing has an unmistakable sense of naturalness, pleasure and amusement as well,”  – Allyson Nadia Field

Back to our extra- reading for the season, the chapter that expropriated the centre stage last night and crackled the wires. The question which concerns me is how are we to survive this vamperish kiss of Ipeleng who is coupled with Blaqboi? And Lukay, coupled with the beautiful Jaypee, who broke loose and eloped to steal a kiss. In the aftermath of last night’s seduction Ipeleng is being ‘dragged’ on social media for playing the “Daniella Card.” 

Please advise, what to do with Ipeleng’s double standards? We are hardly into the second week of the show. Unbeknownst to many in the first week, Ipeleng, Titan from Mzansi explicitly had us believe that she has no interest in sharing beds or engaging in sexual frivolities. Now we have film to prove the contrary.

Old Cuisine

Silently, using my ideas

the poetry generator presented me with a haiku.

The summer morning
A velvet metal surfing
at the old cuisine