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So Ella has come to join Drake

I never get the puppy I want, only the one I need

My heart was set on a Golden Retriever or a Labrador. I honestly believed that this time round it’s all in my hands, yet power proved to be elusive.

We needed to get another dog. They kept on saying that my great Dane is getting old now. Drake is a gentle giant. He’s been with us for almost a decade. Wherever we relocate to we take our dogs with us. This time was no different. Traveling in the backseat with my grandson keeping him company he proved to be an easy traveler and slept most of the way. So needless to say without much fuss we brought our handsome family dog safely to our new abode.

I’ve read that Great Danes can become aggressive. They are extremely territorial dogs and can attack with little warning. My Drake is affectionately protective over the little ones. Always close- by and keeping watch over them.

As I was saying I have no say in the breeds. In fact I’m not into thoroughbred. I had a runt that use to run with the ‘wolves’ at night. He was so tiny but a bigshot amongst them. They respected him and would seek counsel with him regarding the issues in their respective streets. Yes he was streetwise and he was a clever. A best friend but no master could claim him. I miss him so much. He left me for another mission and I pray he is well and happy still holding audience now with the older big dogs.

I’ve digressed, we were talking about thoroughbred and not mongrels like my Toodles. I’ve lived with a German Shepherd before and in the beginning I was sceptical when Bella came to live with us. She wasn’t exactly a puppy, so she arrived set in her ways. For the naming ceremony quite surprisingly I was asked to name her. I knew that this was an olive-branch of some sorts so she could stay with us. She wasn’t happy at her previous home. I called her Bella, simply because she was female and beautiful. We lived well together, she was a great warrior and night watcher, kept me safe from many a precarious situation. German Shepherds are highly nervous, and I vowed after Bella, never a German Shepherd again.

Until ELLA came along. Her arrival and introduction to the family was kept a secret from me. My granddaughter cleverly thought she could steal my heart by calling her Ella in remembrance of Bella who passed on before we set out on our new journey.

Well I used this trump card and set the rules regarding her training and living spaces.

In my youth, because of the British influences, where I come from these dogs were commonly know as ‘Alsatian Wolf Dogs’ and that name stuck with me for many years until I met my Bella and started reading up on them and there I learned that they were renamed.

So here we are, born on the 22 July 2021, ELLA, a thoroughbred German Shepherd came to set up home with us. She is loved, but she really had to go the extra-mile before Drake warmed up to her, afterall he is the German Mastiff around the place.

Café Kiss

Cafe kiss by Ron Hicks

Libidinous desire, Love

and Beauty, playing hide and

seek, in broad daylight

Going against the Grain

Interesting Folk ~

There are also ways to learn to be more engaging. 

My Backgrounds – Kafka Nakata

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. –Margaret Mead

Uniquely perceptive

to interesting insights,

pleasance and pastimes


is the treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting.

Would you be happy or would you be full?

Happiness can fill your chest and sadness can well in your eyes, until they are entwined in a beautifully poignant harmony. – Anonymous

Couple on the beach

Love is life in its fullness; like the cup with its wine.

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser. – Tracy Weinzapfel

God, I’m desperate,

I am scared, I never thought

I’d be, I am afraid.

Dusky Acraea  Hyalites esebria esebria

I will most certainly be floored , on the otherhand it’s futile to scrap history, instead remain honest and stick to the facts. The Afrikaans name for Dusky is Kafferbok-rooitjie. Done and dusted. Beyond the demeaning vernacular the current scientific butterfly family name used for this species in southern Africa is Telchinia esebria.

The colouring of this butterfly is variable with the patches being anything from a pale yellow to more orange.

Besides, it is easy to confuse Dusky with the white-barred Acraea and common wanderer.

Die Witstreep-rootjie – the colouring of this species is similar to the African Monarch. In South Africa the white-barred Acraea is only found along the eastern portion of the country. Upon reading I now know why these beauties are still awol; they only return to the edges of our forests towards the end of summer. They fly slowly and perch regularly on low plants, and if your neck of the woods get lucky they can be seen all year round.

The Dusky Acraea can be seen on the wing all year round, but it is most common between December and April. These butterflies fly slowly in and around forests and feed from flowers. Today I had the privilege to view one just outside my bedroom door. I quickly rushed for my phone camera, opened the sliding door, thinking I had an advantage, that the tiny wing was broken, but no, once I opened the door it lifted off and fluttered away to feed off my flowers elsewhere in the garden.

I saw a Dusky in the image of the picture above. Oh I misjudged a moment there, I missed a golden opportunity to make one for my insecta collection.

Beautiful insecta,

servant of nature,

watch me,

trusted with delicate

and dusky things

come December come.

And yet you move ahead

yellowing leaves, brown

leaf tips, split difficult blades

redefining beauty

My white calla lily with gracious modesty is spending lavishingly on herself. Amid all the ups and downs, too much sunlight, too little shade, still she shows up…

in a better version of herself. Styled in white creamy hues, ready to entertain, with her exotic bloom on a warm November day.

Proof meets us at every turn

They are probably not aware of it, but they are either repelled or attracted by this silent influence. 

All i can add and where I agree, I’ve seen how displaced men and women turn a hell hole into a green avenue or cul-de-sac. And sadly watched how others made an abyss from a pristine place

They are water-guzzling aliens

Imported to Mzansi in the 1880s we have grown to love them so much. We love our aliens and we are not willing to part with them.

Yesterday I woke up to cool soft- drizzly morning. Outside my window, I was looking at a morning that beckoned me to slip out of bed, stretch and take a walk after a perky cup of coffee in the hope that the sun would at some point show it’s face. With that lovely thought in mind, not too far off, I was gifted with this pretty flower that weaved a carpet all along my driveway.

Not native to South Africa, the Jacaranda flower has a dangerously romantic botanical affair with Mzansi.

With the drenching summer rain comes the fall of glorious purple flower. Last Spring for some reason I didn’t see this purple flooding my driveway and I had no idea how my path was strewn in purple confetti. It took a while to locate the Jacaranda tree from the neighbour’s garden in between all the other trees growing there.

I was not complaining and gently thanked the wind and the rain through the night for assisting them to decorate my driveway on this first Sunday Morning in November. The children and even the dogs were in awe of the overnight transformation to our driveway.

I believe that in South Africa the flowers don’t only come in purple. They’ve been selectivy bred in white. These ones are rare and their seeds are apparently sterile. 

Because they are alien plants, jacarandas are harmful to the South African environment and eco-system. It has therefore been made illegal to plant new trees. But since they can apparently live for up to two centuries, we can comfortably rest easy knowing it will be a while before our precious trees disappear. That’s if my neighbor doesn’t decide otherwise.

The highly euphoric flow

Books don’t author themselves. Inventions don’t invent themselves. Music doesn’t write itself.

We are creative by nature. In hibernation away from child’s play our imagination seldom experience the highly euphoric “flow” as adults.

Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” — Pablo Picasso

Thinking outside of her boxed bed of soil, I am enthralled by her enthusiasm, the  “inner”painter, composer, inventor and innovator…

manifesting precious imaginations

Refusing to be muzzled, freely expressing herself, ungagged, minutes fading into hours, creative high is all that matters.

Spangles, fragrantly decorated flowers in early spring;  blooming wonderfully in the old wood. Abundant – pale lavender, lilac and white blooms.

Ben Ezeamalu reported from Lagos

and Abdi Latif Dahir from Nairobi, Kenya. Ismail Alfa contributed reporting from Maiduguri, Nigeria.

Construction on a high-rise building that collapsed Monday -1/11/2021 in the upscale Ikoyi neighborhood of Lagos, had been ordered halted earlier this year after inspectors found “abnormalities,” the authorities said Tuesday.

High-rise apartments and upscale duplexes form part of the landscape.

Rubble of the 21-story building that collapsed in Lagos, Nigeria, on Monday. Credit…Benson Ibeabuchi/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

On Tuesday, Gerrard Road was cordoned off from vehicular traffic. But a crowd of residents, along with relatives of the missing, thronged the area and shouted their dissatisfaction with rescue efforts behind a barricade.

People wait for news on their loved ones still trapped under the rubble on Tuesday.Credit…Benson Ibeabuchi/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

If the country isn’t safe for the rich, what makes it safe for the poor?

32 dead bodies had been recovered, and nine others rescued with injuries. MTSRIP

Rescue workers at scene of collapsed building in Lagos

The body of the developer of the collapsed 21-storey building at Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Femi Osibona, was retrieved from the rubble on Wednesday. (3 November 2021)  

Mr Osibona sold shoes before venturing into real estate development. In 1997 he purchased property. At the time he noticed that many Nigerians were reluctant to go into construction. Femi Osibona, believed anything was possible with God on my side.

If you have done it in one country, then you can do it in another because it is the same principle- Femi Fourscore Osibona

‘In all the projects abroad, we buy land and develop and I am the builder, I don’t engage any builder. I built over 50 projects in London and Manchester and from there, went to South Africa where I built several estates.’

Lagos the commercial capital of Nigeria,
mourns. Monday’s tragedy in Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, will live long in the memory of family who lost loved ones.

Femi Fourscore Osibona…RIP.