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Intrigue and Mystery surrounding murder

November 3, 2021

in Mzansi…!!!!

Nonchalant … The Menaced Assassin (L’Assassin menace) (1926) by René Magritte. Photograph: MOMA/Scala

Babita Deokaran murder-accused says he was beaten, coerced by police into implicating Zweli Mkhize

Hadebe’s lawyer, Advocate Peter Wilkins explained how his interrogation lead to a “false confession” implicating Mkhize in the murder.

In his affidavit, Hadebe said after he was arrested he was taken to Turffontein Racecourse where he was put in a secluded place where blows and an assault followed as he was told about someone who was killed a few days prior in Mondeor.

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  1. It is sometimes a sad world we live in.

  2. Life can be extremely cheap this side of the globe.

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