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Ben Ezeamalu reported from Lagos

November 5, 2021

and Abdi Latif Dahir from Nairobi, Kenya. Ismail Alfa contributed reporting from Maiduguri, Nigeria.

Construction on a high-rise building that collapsed Monday -1/11/2021 in the upscale Ikoyi neighborhood of Lagos, had been ordered halted earlier this year after inspectors found “abnormalities,” the authorities said Tuesday.

High-rise apartments and upscale duplexes form part of the landscape.

Rubble of the 21-story building that collapsed in Lagos, Nigeria, on Monday. Credit…Benson Ibeabuchi/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

On Tuesday, Gerrard Road was cordoned off from vehicular traffic. But a crowd of residents, along with relatives of the missing, thronged the area and shouted their dissatisfaction with rescue efforts behind a barricade.

People wait for news on their loved ones still trapped under the rubble on Tuesday.Credit…Benson Ibeabuchi/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

If the country isn’t safe for the rich, what makes it safe for the poor?

32 dead bodies had been recovered, and nine others rescued with injuries. MTSRIP

Rescue workers at scene of collapsed building in Lagos

The body of the developer of the collapsed 21-storey building at Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Femi Osibona, was retrieved from the rubble on Wednesday. (3 November 2021)  

Mr Osibona sold shoes before venturing into real estate development. In 1997 he purchased property. At the time he noticed that many Nigerians were reluctant to go into construction. Femi Osibona, believed anything was possible with God on my side.

If you have done it in one country, then you can do it in another because it is the same principle- Femi Fourscore Osibona

‘In all the projects abroad, we buy land and develop and I am the builder, I don’t engage any builder. I built over 50 projects in London and Manchester and from there, went to South Africa where I built several estates.’

Lagos the commercial capital of Nigeria,
mourns. Monday’s tragedy in Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, will live long in the memory of family who lost loved ones.

Femi Fourscore Osibona…RIP.

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    • I’m only just catching up and reading through what actually happened there.
      Sources I’ve read say some of those apartment buildings were going for $1.2 million dollars. Prices of Miami Florida in the USA. Yet when the building collapsed they found the structure was not formed with steel rods. They found iron rods instead.
      I have the sense that people are extremely hurt and angry.
      I read a comment that someone wrote to the effect that Nigeria is the developers hustle, their homes are elsewhere in the world.
      People are this angry. But I don’t know if it will change the ethics of the building industry.

  1. Horrible. 😔

  2. I know, I felt the same way, I couldn’t contain my tears after I looked into the matter.
    One erroneous decision on a project, with dire consequences.

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