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Coffee after Moments

October 18, 2021

Morning Monday
Morning coffee
Coffee break
Coffee smell
Smell so divine
Smell altogether rotten
Rotten Intellect
Rotten dirty politics
Politics full of tricks
Politics usually intrigue
Intrigue sometimes scares
Intrigue also deceives
Deceives her quite often
Deceives openly
Openly confess her naughtiness
Openly embrace
Embrace wholeheartedly
Embrace cautiously
Cautiously retrieve
Cautiously surrender
Surrender value
Surrender calmly
Calmly stroke
Calmly engage
Engage people
Engage lovers
Lovers kiss
Lovers knot
Knot tightly
Knot hair
Hair washed
Hair removal
Removal proceedings
Removal company
Company party
Company plant
Plant aubergines
Plant life
Life expectancy
Life changing
Changing lingerie
Changing colour
Colour spectrum
Colour produced
Produced movies
Produced moments
Moments apart
Moments later

Image by 13.10 studio

My first attempt at Blitz Poem.

Let me know what you think

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  1. This is interesting. Must have been tricky being the first attempt, but you have done very well 🙂

    • It was…thank you, where do you think i lost the momentum or train of thought?

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