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I do this to make our streets safer.

October 19, 2021

– Sergeant Catherine Refilwe Tladi

Ending rapists reign of terror was a personal mission for Sergeant Catherine Tladi.

Sello Abram Mapunya was found guilty of 35 counts of rape 36 counts of house breaking and robbery with aggravating circumstances he committed between 2014 and 2019. He was sentenced to five life sentences and one thousand and eighty-eight years imprisonment for his evil deeds.

Sergeant Catherine Refilwe Tladi image courtesy of SAPS

Lieutenant General Mawela congratulated investigating officer Sergeant Catherine Refilwe Tladi who after taking over the investigation remained focused, liaised with victims and collected all necessary evidence that led to the successful conviction and sentencing of the accused and ensured that Mapunga’s reign of terror in Tshwane is brought to a complete halt.

Mapunya initially pleaded not guilty to 101 charges, many of them rape, before Judge Papi Mosopa. However, he made an about turn after some of the victims started testifying, and when he realised that he could no longer deny the DNA evidence.

She wept when the judge handed down his verdict. The man she’d spent years hunting – the man who’d ruined the lives of so many women – was going to be locked away for the rest of his life.

She said an amazing bond developed between her and the victims who were found. “Once you met them and see the pain in their eyes, there was no stopping until we had scored a victory for them.” Tladi also emphasised that it was sad that South Africa was known as a rape centre. “We have so many broken women out there who fear speaking out.”

Judge Papi Mosopa handed down the hefty sentence in the Pretoria high court in May 2021.

“I really want people to know that as SAPS, we are still dedicated to our work. We want to make a difference. We are honest. We do our work without bribery and are committed to ensure justice is served.”Sergeant Catherine Tladi

What an amazing investigating officer. Four months ago this case was wrapped up with sentence of 1088 years handed down. Investigating officers are the source of our safety. A woman like Sergeant Tladi works in a mentally, physically, and emotionally-demanding field. We can only trust God that He would take good care of our national asset as well as her family. We are so proud of you Sergeant Catherine Tladi. Anyone can have the desire to become an investigating officer for murder and rape but it takes an exceptional human being like you to actually fill this role. May the angels go before you as you persevere in this extremely complexed field of work. 💐



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  1. where do you get all this information from? you’re like an encyclopedia of current events, Abi!

    • Talk about me being an encyclopedia 😊
      Usually through news articles on the internet.
      There comes a time when i just switch off the news, release myself from the constant morbid drone of the tv – it is such a time right now – and read what I please or what comes my way.

  2. I am glad his reign of terror is over.

    • Absolutely, one cant even imagine the work that went into this case to nail him.
      She said that there was times that she doubted herself because he behaved so innocently throughout the investigation and at times do convinving that he is not the person they were looking for.

    • It was indeed about time.

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