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August 21, 2020




(in Hawaii) a wise man or shaman.

an important person; the person in charge.

“one big kahuna runs the whole show”


(in surfing) a very large wave.

Words Related to kahuna baron, czar (also tsar or tzar), king, lion, magnate, mogul, prince, princess, queen,  tycoon VIP

The Big Kahuna’

He was the cream of the crop
The Big Kahuna
That couldn’t be stopped.

Even though this was a one
night stand, this was my
chance to hook him again.

I kepted asking myself
how could l let him slip
right through my hand.

He was the greatest catch
the one that got away
l still regret it to this day.

Maybe next year come May
l’ll have more to say.
A girl can dream, can’t she!


While there is no direct translation for “Kahuna,” literally “Ka” means light and “huna” means secret, as in sacred wisdom. In English, “Kahuna” is often translated as shaman, priest, expert, or pejoratively, magician. – Sita Khalsa

However, a Kahuna, having the power of a shaman, the focused training of an expert, and the mystical links of a priest, is a spiritual leader and reverent caretaker of her or his community, merging the inner and outer worlds into blended harmony.- Sita Khalsa

Jazz Kahuna – A Poem by Max Reif

My friend
is a Kahuna.
He sits
in his chair
in his ski-hat,
guitar in arms

and tells stories
of his life
in the islands,
discovering music

In the native Hawaiian community, a Kahuna served all equally and with respect. To a certain extent, the Kahuna was involved in every aspect of community life, healing mental, emotional, and physical illnesses as well as resolving broader disagreements. By mediating between the spiritual realms and the community, a Kahuna maintained a necessary balance of harmony. – Sita Khalsa

Healing took place in different ways, at different levels. According to Carruthers, “A Kahuna could often recognize and dissolve potential problems before they occurred. If a disease did not respond to la’au lapa’au (herbal remedies), lomilomi (massage) or la’au kahea (healing chants), then that disease was considered to represent an imbalance in the community. Ho’oponopono (family healing) might be required.”Sita Khalsa

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you

God Richly bless you.

I loved and enjoyed the medium used for debating ‘the language of love is different for a man and different for a women“, I was enthralled by the command of your poetic tongue LAYCON.

……way to go LAYCON, you were majestic on the night using your language of love and Erica outstanding in her own way supported the debate, giving rise to your now famous poetic question.

Since when does more pain, my paramour, become a solution to pain?

You reached your peers last night with your youthful seriousness, you carried the debate, emulating student, rapper, teacher, pastor and sage. God knows the mountains you will climb and the valleys you must still cross to spread your messages divinely downloaded through drum voice and song.

Send in the poet too long they’ve been absent, silenced, disregarded, our new generation of public speakers, lamentors, influencers and motivators are with us. We are tired of the old guard……make way

Bravo Bravo Your Time is Come.

Have a blessed day.


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