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August 22, 2020



(n.) Beauty that is more than skin deep.

For some reason, he doesn’t seem to notice how beautiful she is. He likes her for her.”
“He’s found a kalon

by Heliophilia September 21, 2013

As peaceful as the night sky, you lay beside me…
With hair mapped all over the pillow and eyes that can tell a thousand stories…
You might not be the smartest, prettiest or sexiest, but you still stand in utter beauty which leaves us in awe…

Leehle Mavuso

It was a fun night out at the Bedouin Lodge last night. The housemates played a variety of games which originated from the theme the language of love and their performance the previous night. Today I’m just posting random pictures in no particular order. LUCY for good reasons never participated in the night of fun and games. She was mad at the housemates and rightfully so. She always get the vibes from the house that they exclude her or hardly support her. Something happened at the Arena Games that left her crazy mad at them. On the other hand LUCY ain’t easy, she is moody, fights all the time and reasons or argues aggressively. I’m waiting for her to grow up but she is so stubborn, maturing is complicated. She always wants her way, her way or the highway. So she spoke the night away all alone giving herself bitter and all those who bitter her. Victimhood par excellence, and she will have her way the morning after. PrayForLucy.

Love, Work, Friendships and Life have to contain a foundation of commitment
― Kalon Jackson

Yes you will have it in your faces bitches, that is exactly WATHONI’s way when WATHONI and the boys go out to play. At the end of the night she did break the tables with the last bit of fiery energy she declared PRAISE as the love of her life. All of us stood buffed, flushed and struck, we all thought it BRIGHTO…….ooohooo…but no no…..

One of our greatest challenges is to handle Winning without arrogance, being educated without being condescending and having compassion without developing indifference
― Kalon Jackson

It went all quiet after KIDDWAYA entered the conversation. I’m convinced he knew they were discussing the night before in relation to himself or ERICA. KIDDWAYA has the kind of hide that can take the heat, he made himself comfortable and offered a new topic of conversation.

Don’t fear opening a Gift God gives you simply because the packaging isn’t ‘t what you expected..we can’t know what’s in a gift given until it’s unwrapped
― Kalon Jackson

Thought I’d place this picture here. The roses looked so fresh and beautiful after OZO wiped and polished the table that grimy from the night before games, drinking and eating…….so yes, lovely red roses still fresh from VEE’s birthday….looking prettier after OZO cleaned up.

Many people will try to Sell you a Dream, its Your place to let them know you Already have one!”
― Kalon Jackson

The housemates are underway with there TomTom task challenge, I must rush. PRAISE has a way of putting me on edge. He has his own unique vibe but ibwish he would learn not to sabotage the efforts and contributions of others.

You’ve carried on so long that it’s all we see from now on, but may I ask…
Would you let me see beneath your strength since there is none to lean on?
Would you let me see beneath your smile since none can spot the frown?
Take off the mask…Stop the act…Lay in my arms…Tonight take it off coz I just wanna know, I wanna see inside…
? –Leehle Mavuso

One for the road………..

“I’m Blunt because God rolled me that way”
― Kalon Jackson

I must run………The task show has begun.


“My MOTIVATION was struggling..I got Tired of it!”
― Kalon Jackson

Have an amazing Saturday.


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