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July 27, 2020


TOLANIBAJ, should cut HerSelf some slack, give herself a break.

It is easy for anybody to call himself or herself a “Christian” but the truth is we respond from very different world-views”― Sunday Adelaja

Moving against,
moving towards or
moving away,

neither here nor there, but always present –  with herself, exactly, this is the feeling I get watching her.

Please meet TOLANIBAJ.

Born in chi chi chikaaaaaa…Chicagoooooo
the great city, historical CHICAGO…..

Her parents – immigrants from Nigeria – gave her the passage to dual-citizenship in the United States of America. In many ways one should say lucky girl. Unlike NENGE who had to go and search for her unattended inheritance treasure, in the United Kingdom, TOLANIBAJ received her inheritance at birth.

Nigerian -American, and essentially Nigeria, she loves LAGOS, she is making all efforts to live in the land of her mother and father, it is a struggle and one gets the feeling that it is mostly internal and that she is making it a struggle and I understand her, and the problems she faces settling down with her peers in America, particularly amongst the minorities, most specifically the African-American community.

If she would only  think it through and with all the opportunities available to her, work her personal plans and make the best of both worlds.

Hustler of Nigeria,/ tired/ of all /the old influencers/ The world/ is your oyster/ TOLANIBAJ, /go,/ collect your pearls.


When the kingdom leaves the church, the church stops living for herself”
― Sunday Adelaja

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