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July 28, 2020

– OZO suggested that I coin this word for KAISHA, so here I am.


On many accounts she is a brat really, I say this keeping my respect for her

KAISHA is a brash, Kaisha is full of forgiveness and always prepared to say ‘I am sorry’, she is soft like that. Believe me, she had to offer a thousand sorrys after she misbehaved at the truth or dare table last night. Neo, the Oracle at the table was not impressed with her behaviour at all. Every twelve minutes or so she needed to use the loo and that was against the Oracle Law. It turned into a pretty mess. After the game all the housemates slugged off to the bedouin lockdown lodge to do some introspection about their behaviour in general.

Please meet KAISHA

KAISHA is irritating, gets on everyone’s nerves, but in a nutshell quite a lovable person. Since she is such a mommy’s girl she thinks that she is allowed to get away with anything and everything. Kaisha tends to make life difficult for those who care about her. For instance at thirteen years she ran away from home for reasons not mentioned. This is how her love for travel began and since then she travelled to Ghana, Benin, New Deli, Dubai, Germany and oh yes, she stopped over in Holland.

KAISHA comes from a family of five, her favourite colours are pink and purple. If money wasn’t an issue at all she would buy a house, a car and a private jet.

KAISHA dreams like any other little girl. She describes herself as a good listener, dramatic and lonely. When alone, she tends to speak to herself. She is full of different things and knows how to keep a secret. Once a fool for love it is never going to happen again.

Best wishes to you KAISHA.

In another breath she did mention that in five years time she would love to be a wife and have a child. Like any other girl she dreams.


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