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So Ella has come to join Drake

November 18, 2021

I never get the puppy I want, only the one I need

My heart was set on a Golden Retriever or a Labrador. I honestly believed that this time round it’s all in my hands, yet power proved to be elusive.

We needed to get another dog. They kept on saying that my great Dane is getting old now. Drake is a gentle giant. He’s been with us for almost a decade. Wherever we relocate to we take our dogs with us. This time was no different. Traveling in the backseat with my grandson keeping him company he proved to be an easy traveler and slept most of the way. So needless to say without much fuss we brought our handsome family dog safely to our new abode.

I’ve read that Great Danes can become aggressive. They are extremely territorial dogs and can attack with little warning. My Drake is affectionately protective over the little ones. Always close- by and keeping watch over them.

As I was saying I have no say in the breeds. In fact I’m not into thoroughbred. I had a runt that use to run with the ‘wolves’ at night. He was so tiny but a bigshot amongst them. They respected him and would seek counsel with him regarding the issues in their respective streets. Yes he was streetwise and he was a clever. A best friend but no master could claim him. I miss him so much. He left me for another mission and I pray he is well and happy still holding audience now with the older big dogs.

I’ve digressed, we were talking about thoroughbred and not mongrels like my Toodles. I’ve lived with a German Shepherd before and in the beginning I was sceptical when Bella came to live with us. She wasn’t exactly a puppy, so she arrived set in her ways. For the naming ceremony quite surprisingly I was asked to name her. I knew that this was an olive-branch of some sorts so she could stay with us. She wasn’t happy at her previous home. I called her Bella, simply because she was female and beautiful. We lived well together, she was a great warrior and night watcher, kept me safe from many a precarious situation. German Shepherds are highly nervous, and I vowed after Bella, never a German Shepherd again.

Until ELLA came along. Her arrival and introduction to the family was kept a secret from me. My granddaughter cleverly thought she could steal my heart by calling her Ella in remembrance of Bella who passed on before we set out on our new journey.

Well I used this trump card and set the rules regarding her training and living spaces.

In my youth, because of the British influences, where I come from these dogs were commonly know as ‘Alsatian Wolf Dogs’ and that name stuck with me for many years until I met my Bella and started reading up on them and there I learned that they were renamed.

So here we are, born on the 22 July 2021, ELLA, a thoroughbred German Shepherd came to set up home with us. She is loved, but she really had to go the extra-mile before Drake warmed up to her, afterall he is the German Mastiff around the place.

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  1. I love this post! I am a huge animal lover and I just adore seeing them being loved and taking care of. Lucky doggies you have there.

    • Thanks Belladonna, I’m so thrilled you like this post. I wrote it during loadshedding. The electricity is back an hour now.
      Remember there was one time when I asked you about your name, well round the corner and up the hill from where is use to live, there was a streets name Belladonna and of course I had a dog called Bella. Yes i think it’s going to be good. Drake taught her well how to be around the little one and she has calmed down alot around him, still a bundle of energy though. So much for the Golden Retriever. Yeah they content and happy. Drake likes his space. Still keeps good watch at my bedroom door.

      • That’s too funny and what a fun coinciedence of the name Bella.
        It’s so funny how dogs are able to teach eachother. So incredible.

  2. Yeah, and they catch on so quickly.
    True, it was so uncanny with the name.

  3. How lovely. Though I don’t have animals right now, I know the joy the bring. All the best to the new addition to the fam, Abi. ❤️

  4. I had a Great Dane, and he was wonderful! But because he was so big, people were afraid of him. He never got aggressive. He used to sleep on my pillow when he was a puppy. I didn’t raise him to be aggressive.

    • Yes, they loud barks and imposing figures, but real gentle giants. You can see all the love in their eyes.

  5. Dogs are great, but I do not understand them.

    • 😂…
      They actually quite uncomplicated
      When you show them what you like and what you don’t everything turns out alright.

      • I owned a puppy for two days, realized I had no idea how to train him. Took him back to the farm. It breaks my heart, but I am sure someone else adopted him. He was so cute.

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