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Butt Naked

October 20, 2021

The thing about being butt naked, is that it’s more than just your butt that’s hanging out there making you look foolish. The actual term is “buck naked,” although truth be told, so many people have misheard it and misstated it as “butt naked” that grammarians actually are beginning to accept “butt naked” as a proper idiom.

The phrase, “for all intensive purposes” is a mondegreen, which is defined as a misheard version of a phrase, saying or slogan. The phrase you’re actually looking for (as you’ve probably guessed by now) is “for all intents and purposes.”

70 Words (and Phrases) You’re Probably Using All Wrong

There is a promise: You won’t make these cringeworthy mistakes ever again.

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  1. So informative
    I have learnt so much

    • True
      Quite frankly i never heard of Buck Naked before
      I always pronounced it as Butt Naked…lol

  2. “Intensive purposes” sounds extreme.

    • Lol
      But you know the old ladies sitting in the backyard holding a serious conversation, they did pronounce it like that 😂 and you dare not say a word to the contrary, you will get darts thrown at you.

      • My friend’s grandmother pronounced washing machine as “warshing machine.” I think that is charming.

      • Absolutely, I agree with you.
        Their vernac was out of this world

  3. I need to send this list to my dad!!!!!

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