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April 15, 2021

Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness. – Maya Angelou

Inconspicuously – carelessly
and gracelessly
straggling all over the world,
sinking heavily, loneliness is a
resilient fungus
abiding in abundance


A hanging plant resting limply –
evergreen woody climber,
spread-eagle through
long winter nights
with little light, loneliness
claws, straddling the coming and going

  1. A powerful and poignant metaphor of loneliness as a spreading…a movement with things that cannot themselves move except to grow (like fungus and plants). Loneliness then courts movement but the questions is to where does it lead? I note your answer, in the last line as…”straddling the coming and going”
    Very well penned.

    • Thank you so much. A compelling reflection inspiring one for further study.
      I do appreciate the way you comb through the poem

      • My pleasure. Happy writing. 😊🙏

      • Yes dear, i also need to find that humorous and witty curve. I like happy

      • I meant bliss more than jovial happy. The joy of the craft of writing and enjoying the task. The topic may be on any subject, and often not about happy circumstances. That’s what I meant.👍👍😊

      • Oh how lovely you tell…enjoying the task…that is a milestone…the joy of the craft of writing…you are such a pro. I have so many patterns to learn.

      • Yes, the writer’s bliss. Always learning the writer’s bliss.

  2. it’s a beautiful❗️ thank you so much🎵I am really grateful for you🐬

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