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‘Jo Baiden’

November 10, 2020

The mayor of a small Japanese town has become an internet sensation after it was noticed that the characters of his name can be read as “Jo Baiden,” phonetically the same as the name of the winner of the U.S. presidential election.


Umeda’s name features the Kanji Chinese characters relating to “plum” and “rice field,” usually pronounced as “ume” and “da,” but can also pronounced as “bai” and “den.” The single character for Yutaka is commonly pronounced as “jo.”

Makes you feel good news

“It feels as though I’ve also won the election,” Umeda said on Sunday. Umeda’s newfound fame resembles the notoriety enjoyed by the city of Obama, in Fukui prefecture, which received a boost in interest following the election of its namesake in 2008.

The ties that bind us – A nice little read to put a genuine smile on one’s face. Enjoy your fame Yutaka Umeda.

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