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I’m sitting,

Right here at a cafe called Ohana, sipping coffee. It is a beautiful morning in the mother city.

Passing by is the famous metrorail, pulling out of Kalk Bay Station.

Kisses from the ocean to you and you and to you. Happy Saturday 💕

The sound of the waves

is louder and boisterous due to the strong north – westerley winds running along with them to catch the shore.

Surf is up at Blouberg Strand where I’m spending the day with family.

Wind kisses from the ocean for you and for you. Have a wonderful Saturday.

Because of my Brace

For my back, they call me Bugs from the matrix 😂.

I’m not bothered, I needeed to inspect the event’s venue.

I’m pleased, the place looks quaint.

Suitable for a small gathering of friends and family

What caught my attention is the beautiful vine creeping through the poles of the verandah, in full leaf looking fresh.

And most of all I was over the moon finding these lovely feathered affirmations strewn across the lawn.

God is Good

cozy corner 

cushy, comfy chair And

a seat with an arm Soft light

and cottonish No worries

with morning coffee

The Goofball

“I live under a big rock. I’ve played it safe most of my life. It’s time for me to chase my dreams.” – Libo Njomba

LIBO was the 11th housemate to enter the big brother beke le beke show on 23 January 2022. LIBO is 32 years old and hails from King Williams Town in the Eastern Cape. He currently resides in Johannesburg.

LIBO is a Salesperson, personal trainer and an IT graduate. He is also an outdoor enthusiast, loves to be active and plays a lot of tennis. He also emphasised the point that he likes big dogs.

On the subject of entering Big Brother Mzansi, LIBO says he did it to step out of his comfort zone.  He also emphasized that he is a whole lot of fun and a storyteller of note, and believes if he can show the public who he really is, then he will be bagging the R2million.

Tonight 20 February 2022, LIBO faces the chopping block together with 6 housemates. We wish him good luck and everything of the best.

Luthando Mthembu

Is a proud Zulu Man who was the 4th contestant to enter the big brother mzansi house, season 3 on 23 January 2023.

Luthando Mthembu AKA B.U. is a 31-year-old from both Johannesburg and Durban. A former research analyst, he is currently pursuing his dream of becoming a musician.

B.U., places lot of value on honesty. He says that he is full of love and passion, he is also a vegan. He is disciplined, strong-willed, creative and is one of the few people who enjoys getting lost when he travels.

B.U. loves meeting new people. With this in mind a friend suggested that he enter the Big Brother Competition.

B.U. abhors deception. Deceiving people will not help him win the R2million, so he intends to play this game as his authentic self.

Tonight 20 February 2022 B.U. faces the eviction chillies together with 6 of his other housemates. We wish him good luck and all the best.

30 January 2022

In a surprise twist, instead of an eviction on the Sunday night, Big Brother Mzansi left viewers and the housemates speechless with the introduction of two new contestants.

Music producer and self-proclaimed ladies’ man VYNO Miller was one of them to enter the Big Brother Mzansi house, BEKE LE BEKE, season 3.

VYNO Miller’s real name is Bongani Sikhukhula, and he’s 30-years-old. He originally hails from Midrand but moved to Pretoria South Africa. He says he’s a good listener and constantly has to deal with people taking advantage of him due to his niceness. He enjoys writing, quad-biking, and working in the studio in his spare time.

VYNO Miller, first gained recognition as a singer, songwriter, and DJ who has a list of jams to his name.

According to VYNO, the songs “Congratulate” by AKA and “Music In The Air” by Letta Mbulu are the songs that best describe him. 

VYNO is yet to hit it big. The big brother house is the place to be for big breakthrough he dreams about.

Tonight 20 February 2023 VYNO faces eviction together with 6 other housemates. We wish him good luck and all the best.


Thato Mokoena was the 2nd housemate to enter the big brother house on 23 January 2022, the opening night of Seadon 3 Big Brother Mzansi – BEKE LE BEKE.

THATO mentions that she is a Jill-of-many-trades. THATO is 28 years old and the eldest of four children. She hails from Johannesburg, AKA the City of Gold or the Great Hustling Hub in South Africa.

THATO has an adventurous and investigative personality. She doesn’t allow herself to be boxed in. From time to time her outspoken nature can often land her in trouble, but it is this very same trait that keeps her genuine to those she interacts with. 

THATO is a keen TikTok content creator. Entering Biggie’s House is a huge dream come true for her and she intends to make use of this wonderful opportunity to the fullest, to stand out in every way possible, from day one.

THATO left her job as an accountant to pursue her passion as an Actress and Content Creator in the entertainment industry.

Tonight 20 February 2022 she faces the eviction chopping block. We wish her good luck and everything of thr best.

Thobeka Mtshali

Is a beke le beke Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 Housemate. Thobeka AKA VENUSS – yes Venuss with a double SS – was the 13th Season 3 housemate to enter the big brother house on the 23 January 2022.

VENUSS is 25 years old. She is an aspiring musician and talks about having a layered character which makes it easier for her to work the room and endear herself all the way to the top.

VENUSS hails from the eastern coast of South Africa. Her hometown is Durban a city in KwaZulu-Natal. People from this city are known to be and call themselves DURBANITES.

VENUSS is a single mom. Being a mother is her key focus coupled with working her career. Currently she works as a bartender.

Besides singing and making beats, VENUSS is also a writer. She loves writing music and serving poetic justice. She says she writes whenever she gets the chance.

VENUSS also one of 7 housemates facing eviction this Sunday 20 February 2022. We wish her everything of the best.

fine gyal, not a sad gyal

Meet gorgeous Naledi, AKA NALE the Big Brother housemate. Her full name is Naledi Mogadime.

NALE was the 16th housemate to walk in to the big brother beke le beke house on the 23 January 2022. NALE is 24 years old. She hails from Pretoria. Her mom is South African and her Dad is Yoruba and hails from Lagos Nigeria. It is also NALE’s dream to visit her father’s family home in Lagos.

NALA is an actress and a model. She says her strength is being able to understand and analyse people especially because she likes to disarm them.

She is a firecracker, but she is also calm and zen. Naledi says she might not be everyone’s cup of tea in the beginning, but she grows on people and “ages well over time”. She likes reading, painting, and daydreaming and is a big flirt.

NALA has also been nominated and faces possible eviction on Sunday. We wish her all the very best.