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Still me, she’s not herself

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Oh so lonely and preserving,
firmly fatigued, under the weather Wabbit;
with clear-eyed affection, hammering

away heart-and-soul, pie-eyed
detachment, igniting a riveting
tale, wrapped in elegant prose delayed

A tweet to remember

This is the whole plan

Nguni at Nkandla | Painting, Landscape, Art inspiration

We Zulu people have what is called “Unity” so if he runs for president. Best believe all Zulu ppl will get behind him. Zulu people over 23M in S.A u do math. Zulu language being de most spoken language In SADC It will be foolish thing to underestimate him. We will support him” – Mondli

This family thinks RSA and its people are their toys- Ayanda Dan

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May each be better than the last…

this warmness inside,

truly, madly, deeply,

my fondness

has no bounds.

Play, walk, dance,


by sweet confiding,

to be one with you

melts me inside,

fondly as


Poor Me

Absolutely not,

I’m not responsible!

The way you drink your tea

too, is pure art.

Poor me.

The Passing of Summer1912

Harry W. Watrous

When the Metropolitan Museum acquired this painting just after it was completed, the artist explained that in the autumn of 1911 he had observed a woman seated alone at a table in a French restaurant. Watrous asked her, “Well, has Prince Charming appeared?” Her melancholy answer was “No, and this is the passing of summer.” This work thus alludes to the fleeting nature of youth and beauty and the loss of opportunity. About 1905 the artist’s eyesight began to fail, and he shifted from exquisitely rendered, tiny genre scenes recalling seventeenth-century Dutch paintings to larger canvases containing idealized female figures, such as “The Passing of Summer”.

When the Generals Speak

about a little war that saw more than its share of unskilled politically appointed – a Minister, a Commissioner and Generals –

covering up their roles in a pointless insurrection

swaying public opinion; opportunistic self-aggrandizing comes out to play –

brandishing ineptitude, using it to settle tribal issues

battles will be won!!! Egos won’t settle!!!

After the commission draws the curtain we will bow,

outside the kingdom, faraway from the city of gold,

knowing the lions were silenced –

we will stand, a whole nation bulldozed,

a country crippled, led by henchmen.

Have a Glorious December

We all know that 2021 wasn’t the easiest of years. In many respects 2021 was just a little better and sweeter than the shockwaves of 2020. Many people say December is the most beautiful month of the year, with this in mind I pray God’s continued favour, grace and mercy upon our lives. We’ve cried, we fought through 2021 but most of all we laughed and we had fun, we made love, we kissed and we embraced. I wish you a wonderful new month, a December to sweetly remember.

White December Rose snapped this morning in my garden.

I will call the Eternity Rose since I promised myself to create a card for William Blake’s priceless quote.

After my little ones were shuttled off to school by their parents, the house was quiet,the kind of silence you know after three voices of different age groups demanding attention and your listening ear.

There I stood at my backdoor looking up into the pearly overcast sky, with tears swelling up in my eyes. Tears falling, tears of gratitude reminding me that I’m here amongst my loved ones.

Looking up a raptor contrasting the pearly sky glided overhead orchestrating the flight of the swallows below. They found their path and then the raptor soared.

“Be innocent like a dove, strong like an ostrich, fierce like a hawk, wise like an owl, and swift like an eagle.”

-Matshona Dhliwayo.

Roses in December.


Each member of the family in his own cell of consciousness, each making his own patchwork quilt of reality – collecting fragments of experience here, pieces of information there. From the tiny impressions gleaned from one another, they created a sense of belonging and tried to make do with the way they found each other.

— Toni Morrison
Room Ful’A Sistahs Print by Ernie Barnes 17 x 26 in

Gathering threads, Rethreading a community- based sense of ethics. Reaching out and stepping into something deeper.

Solidly grounded

Silver trumpet embedded,

spectacularly displays

classic golden flowers,

mesmerizing the fiercely

excitable Tabebuia – tantalizing

I could have sworn

To celestial’s surprise

neither sticky

nor messy,

dazzling clockwise

aqua’s mid-morn

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