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The Gentle Little Flower

November 30, 2022

The pitstops all along the highway of my mind seems to be closed for the day. I feel a sweat building up, the ones that bring a hectic nervous hot, bubbly and burning flush across the face. Agony, I declare, it itchess with eagerness to produce, make, do, fashion and manifest, while the taps are closed.

The minions laugh and make fun teasingly jumping about calling out to me.
“When all else fails let’s blog a word.” Hahaha and I’m all up for it, sheepishly waving at the prose, haiku, tankas and shardomas who are all somehow I feel – frowning and blatantly ignoring me. So, I’m not counting how many times I wrote the word all, but “All is well”. I have a word and picture to show.

At first if you gaze upon the structure of the vowels & consonants; totally unaware of the meaning of the word – Man/sue/tude- ; in essence it doesn’t strike me to be a word of dulciloquy- speaking in a gentle tone or manner of speech.

Yesterday the word mansuetude showed up in my inbox as the word of the day. Afterwards I saw a girl named Sue standing in between a Man and a guy called Tude, or is it a girl. Does it matter, they seem to exist side by side, happy to be together. Of course I was full of smiles and giggles and amused how my brain played around with sound and the structure of the syllables. I parked it: thinking about the little rock flower growing so lovely in my garden. I thought it would be a great idea to add the word to the little flower -whose species is unknown to me- and simply for the time being call her mansuetude. Strong in colour but gentle are the petals, the two seem to go together like true love and friendship. So here we are, pitstops are all closed, welcome to the word and flower show.


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  1. A perfect word to set the imagination alit. Well done all the excellent connections you made as the word danced in the mind. That after all is what great words ought do.
    Thank you for a creative presentation of word study.✍️👍

    • So happy you enjoyed 🙂, thank you Poet.
      There are quite a few of these rarely used words, many if you ask me and they just ignite something inside of one. Ideally it would’ve been real smart if short flash fiction came together using the word mansuetude, then coupled maybe with a prompt like the word mollitude, which also considered archaic today. Still sweet to me since it describes softness or luxuriousness…
      But alas, the short or flash fiction fizzled before it even started. 😊
      Yes word study is a favourite pastime. Thank you once again.

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