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I think there is a possibility…

September 30, 2022

Yes, exactly, these were my thoughts as well Doyin, but on a completely different matter, yet also of the heart.

On Day 68 of the BBNAIJA LEVEL UP SEASON 7 of the show I had this convincing feeling that Aniekwe Francis Chidi (born October 14, 1993) was in for a big surprise of his own making.

And so it came to pass; Chizzy joined the elite list of past winners of Big Brother Naija Innoson vehicle, which includes season 6 ‘Shine Ya eye’ housemate Pere Egbim and season 5 ‘Lockdown’ Ozo. Believe me when I say that I am exceedingly happy for Chizzy. He is an absolutely deserving winner of this coveted prize. Chizzy has impacted every level up housemates’ stay in the house. Chizzy is a rider, which means he is not eligible to win the grand prize of N100million. But winning this beautiful car means he can drive his honey Doyin into the sunset and greet many sunrises with her. I shall not speak how he broke my heart when he went for Bella in the manner that he did. It is all water under the bridge now. Us addicts get caught up in the moments of the show. Chizzy winning is one of my grandest moments even though I could not watch it in real time due to that bugger called loadshedding.

“Na woman dey control you” – Chizzy and Sheggz exchange words over Bella

This is the way Chizzy use to rag Bella and Sheggz in the house. Thank goodness they climbed over that mountain and found a cordial path to each other.

We saw Chizzy mellow down as the beautiful Doyin began to creep into his heart.

I think she is nestled there and so we can’t wait to see what happens after the show.

Aniekwe Francis Chidi, popularly known as Chizzy the latest owner of a brand new five-seater IVM Connect car after emerging as the winner of this year’s IVM Big Brother task is also a multidimensional Nigerian entrepreneur, manager, and now a reality TV star. Like Bella he hails from Umunya, Anambra State. Chizzy has a strong sense of initiative. He is a laid-back individual with a pleasant outlook on life. He excels at multitasking, which has contributed to his success as a manager of businesses and an entrepreneur. Chizzy enjoys swimming, football, and dancing.

All I can say is, you gotta love him.

Under different circumstances he would be battling out for the number 1 spot in the show which comes to a grand end on Sunday 2 October 2022. And I can almost guarantee that he would’ve collected the grand prize. This said, the world is his oyster and from the bottom of my heart, I wish him well in love and life.

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