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Round and Round

September 27, 2022

the house, a much needed early morning leg warmer after living high-rise for almost 2months. Most of all what a wonderful feeling to be with my bundles of joys again. Being away from them for this long made me quite anxious in the past 2 weeks. I was missing the physical contact. My bedroom was filled with welcome-home- balloons. Priceless, this love I see bubbling and dancing all over me.

I’m relieved as well. Traveling has become a highly organized step by step adventure. The landing was perfect. Great respect for the pilot. I prayed for this stranger thoughout the day. A perfect take-off too, the lit up Johannesburg skyline is a shadow of its former self, or so I think, could be influencer impressions. There are some certainties in life and one of them for me is the certainty of loadshedding in my ward. Generator luxury is a thing of the past for now till we get our act together with alternate energy. So here πŸ™πŸΌ is to light and love…and

to more work for me. Meet our domestic cavies – Koko&Krush – the newest additions to our family.

Happy Blessed Tuesday to you.

  1. Glad your travels landed you safely home! I love love your analogy of home as ” much needed leg warmer,” Your furry friends are cuteness overload 😍

    • Thank you Poet.
      I’m so happy to be home
      And now my heart is on the other end
      One can’t have everything

      Yes, thank you😍 and sooo intelligent

      • True one can’t have it all…sigh.
        Have a wonderful day. Cheers

      • πŸ™‚, yes I know. We are a traveling family who has lived in so many different neighborhoods in the course of our journeys, which meant living apart as well.
        That’s life.
        Cheers to you.
        Have a wonderful day too.

      • Thank you. Blessings to you.

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