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Her eyes

August 30, 2022

Were upon the millions…

But by a dramatic turn of events, Biggie introduced a game changer.

And Amaka overnight became the first housemate evicted by HOUSE PLAY!. Which meant nomination and eviction with immediate effect.

A self-professed Daddy’s girl, Chiamaka Crystal Mbah popularly known as Amaka, is a health worker who truly believed she had a shot at winning the Big Brother Naija “Level Up” edition.

Fantastically, the outspoken and oft argumentative Amaka branded herself as the “Nigerian Nicki Minaj”.

Earlier in the day Amaka was punished for damaging Biggie’s property. She had to spend a whole day romancing, apologising, and eulogising the microwave, which was destroyed due to her negligence that might have burned down the whole house. In her lamentations she called the microwave “Epitome of Beauty”, something which she cannot live without.

“Grab the bull by the horns and forge ahead’- Amaka’s motto in life.

Chiamaka Crystal Mbah is 23 years old. Her childhood dream was to become a medical doctor. Amaka who hails from Aguata/Anambra was the 6th housemate to enter the Big Brother house on the opening night. She characterized herself as being impatient and stubborn. These traits eventually led to her downfall adding numerous infringements of Biggie’s house rules to her list of grievances.

“It was nice meeting you all, I love you all.”

These were Amaka’s last words before she hugged her housemates and walked out of the house, forever.

God’s speed and Grace Amaka (Makkibillions) as you start a new journey outside of the house.

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  1. That was a fast eviction. So sad

    • True, the game- changer came as a shocker. I guess the housemates were exhausted of her argumentative ways, besides going into the nominations she already had a strike against her name. Although there were others in this House Play nominations who were close on her heels.

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