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As they arrived

August 29, 2022

then whisked away and encapsulated into Season 7 – LEVEL UP – of the Big Brother Naija Reality Show

BNaija Season 7 launch was split over two days. The first set of housemates arrived on the 23 July 2022. I will get back later to the second set of Level Up housemates who arrived on the evening of 24 July 2022.

First to enter Level2 of the house was Groovy. Just for your information, Word on the Streets has it that Groovy is the most handsome housemate of the show. If you are watching the show, you have to form your independent opinion.

Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue AKA as Groovy (which is his stage name) is a 26-year-old from Anambra State; located in the southeastern region of the country, the State was created on August 27, 1991.

Groovy, born 5 October 1995, is an Artist, fashion entrepreneur and model, He has a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Lagos and loves working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In lockdown, Sheggz (another housemate I will get back to later) was Groovy’s partner. Groovy made big promises to the viewers on entering the show. He assured us that he would be fun, meaning funny and entertaining. This means he is going to break rules, housemates won’t like him because he is blunt.
The irony is, someone he got close to in the first few weeks of her stay in the house was the one who landed into hotwater.

Beauty who hails from Taraba State in Nigeria was the second housemate to enter Level2. Unfortunately Beauty was disqualified from the show for breaking the rules and damaging Big Brother’s property. At the time of her disqualification she was in a stormy relationship with Groovy. She became enranged with Groovy over his flirtatious ways with another housemate from Level1 house. More to come from these Saturday Night Parties.

Beauty born Beauty Etsany Tukura is a model and former beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Nigeria in 2019, she reigned for two years. Beauty had promised to take the Level Up Season to a whole new level. Unfortunately she hijacked her dreams by succumbing to her anger and aggression.

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  1. Sounds very interesting. I like the descriptions

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