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How “Non-Duality” Excuses Evil

August 9, 2022


I’ll be honest with you, dear readers: I don’t get “Non-Duality.” At least, I don’t get it in the same way as the people who try to explain it to me.

So, given that HologramPress exists to facilitate ExistentialQuestion-Asking, I’m going to leave the comments section wiiiiiiide open on this one, and invite you to respond to the following essay with your innerstanding of Non-Duality. Or if you’re really feeling impassioned, submit an essay to HologramPress and I might publish it 😉

But first, let me tell you my innerstanding of Non-Duality.
Most of what I know about it comes from imperfect messengers and in highly specific contexts, as most ideas do. So I’ll start by addressing what I’ve learned about Non-Duality via osmosis in spiritual subcultures, then build my own innerstanding of Non-Duality from there.
Please bear in mind that I am not an expert on the…

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