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Quadratic Equation

August 5, 2022

Every quadratic formula shares eight core characteristics. To get to know them you must visit them, spend some time with them in order to understand them.

The graphs of quadratic functions are parabolas; they tend to look like a smile or a frown.

“If you graph it, it’s much easier for the kids to understand what’s going on.” 

Quadratic functions can be highly useful when trying to solve any number of problems involving measurements or quantities with unknown variables.

Quadratic Poetry


The moon isn’t looking for solutions.
She’s grown accustomed
to partialities,

that accretion
of absence, her black scarves
plucked from the top hat

one by one.
Then a miraculous
cumulus, removeless

Stoic mathematician,
efficient wizard,

reveal your secrets.
A lover
is going, some lover is always

going. Such curious
quadratics that
will not leave me whole.

By Karen Volkman  (born January 1967, in Miami Beach, Florida)

Full of lush sonic and syntactic moments, Volkman’s work has been lauded for its beauty as well as its difficulty.

“I believe one of the jobs of poetry is to allow readers to discover different and more complex ways of engaging experience, including the experience of their own inner lives, partly by surprising them into developing new modes of response in their reading, new freedoms. And it’s my hope that pleasure and intense sensation and a shock of strangeness will be part of how they get there.” – Karen Volkman

  1. I appreciate the connections betewwen the beauty of the mathematical experience.
    A masterful linkage to poetry and the patterns and forms of rhythm and syllables.
    I like the Karen Volkman quote the poetry infers “different ways of engaging experience””
    Great share. Thank you. Happy Friday 😊

    • Isn’t it just to splendid the conversation between the moon and the mathematician.
      Or the perceived conversation in finding a formula or equation to solve the romantic relationship.

      I’m happy you enjoyed.
      Happy Friday too, Poet.

  2. I love the connection between the quadratic equation and the universe and love. Gorgeous, Abi. ❤️

    • Beautiful sentiments, yes, me too.
      Thank you for reading Jeff❤❤

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