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Funky Hairstyles

July 19, 2022

And I regret now that these photos could have been mine, had I listened.

If only I obeyed my first thought while walking out of the side door. In that short space of time, I’m telling myself to take my phone with me. I had just finished typing and sending off a message while passing the ball to my little in the meantime. After send, I jumped up, put the phone down and said come sweetheart let’s get outside ignoring my guiding thought, instead shaking it off. Hands free I didn’t want to be hassled throwing and catching ball outside.

And there they were, both male and female African Hoopoe bird-jiving in their funky hairstyles. Just my luck, I never took my phone, and I couldn’t backtrack, the male was side-glancing me. To scared to utter a word, to no avail, my little one ran ahead in full glee to play; with two ticks of a duck’s tail they were up and away.

The African hoopoe’s bold stripes, long beak, funky hairstyle, and repetitive call makes it one of the most memorable birds you will encounter on a safari in Africa. This solitary bird is impressive to watch in flight as it flaps four to five beats before dipping slightly and resuming its trajectory.

And all I was left with is the image now edged in my mind; of a shy side-glance and the distinctive crest on his head, chestnut in colour with black tips.

The African hoopoe’s name comes from the sound it makes and is onomatopoeic – meaning it gets written how it sounds. 

I turned around to fetch my phone, but in my heart I knew, the moment of those two funky-styled birds playing on my lawn was gone.

  1. So sad you left your phone missing a chance to capture the birds. But atleast you saw them and witnessed the moment to moment happening at the time which is also important not forgetting that you were also taking care of your little one, so i think it went well. They are gorgeous birds though😏

    • Man, huh I can’t even express my regret. I couldn’t even turn to stop my little one. I stood deadstill, hoping for the best, that he would just catch my outstretched hand and remain still. But…
      Mhmmmm, indeed they are. And to see them right there, down below on the grass was a gorgeous sight.

      • I can imagine. Atleast you have such beautiful birds there. I doubt that species is in this side of the world.. probably next time you’ll have your phone with you

      • That’s true, too many to capture. Hopefully I do, listen to my first thought. The two-mindedness can make one regret. 😂. You win some you lose some. In retrospect everything about this moment was perfect. Also living with that nagging feeling that I should have. ☺

      • I get you 🙂

      • Thank you kinge. Lovely to be understood.
        Good morning 🙂

      • Welcome🙂 and have a wonderful day

      • We full swing into evening already kinge.
        Thank you, I appreciate.
        Have a lovely day. 🙂

  2. Timothy Price permalink

    The perfect punk style.

    • Lol, that is exactly what I thought.
      The punk movement must’ve studied these birds.
      But, oh, the African Hoopoe are well-groomed. They looked like they just came out of the hairdressers and now having coffee on my lawn.
      We definitely disturbed their rendezvous…😂

  3. What a beautiful writing about this bird 🐦🤩😆. It is a sight to see much like the words that you pen on this marvelous blog and in this intriguing tale 🥰💓.

    This is something some of us definitely don’t see every day lol. When I read the title and saw that picture it did give me a big smile and chuckled hahaha.

    It’s a bummer that you didn’t have your phone to take some snaps of your own at the time since you wanted to have an enjoyable time outdoors with the little ones and figured that you just leave the phone behind, but atleast you were about to write about the experience, and it is indeed very lovely writing about your sightings of the African Hoopoe bird-jiving 👏🤩😆🤗

    • I’m so excited that you find it beautiful. Of course, even now I have to pinch myself that it wasn’t to be. I had the bird for real almost at eye level but me looking down at him. I saw the pause in his eyes, but he needed to do, what he natural does, to flirt away, taking the female with him.
      No, it is not an everyday sight at all, even for me. Lol, glad you liked the title too. These two must’ve thought that the owners are not home, come let us have a tea party on the lawn, and there I came along. On the otherhand, it was meant for me to catch the awareness in his eyes, briefly.

      • Hahaha yes indeed, I have no choice but to get intrigued by your awesome writing and observations especially when it comes to the things you see in nature. I get the sense that you were so close you can catch the birdy critter 😈😂🤭🤭, but ultimately there is only so much you can do without a camera hahahaa. I can understand how it’s not an everyday thing even on your sdie of things because these birds are very tiny so they are not easy to spot and also we may only be able to see certain things at certain times of the day or in certain seasons etc, so I understand LOL.

        🤣🤣🤣 indeed it is interesting to think about what may have been going on in their minds to make them visit there like that, thankfully you were in the right place at the right time and it may have been a blessing meant for you to see 👍👌😆😆

      • Oh yes, I most certainly agree with you observations.
        You use such impressive adjectives to address my writing, it brings such a warm and wonderful feeling. 😍, thank you.
        I was close, close, very close, if only I had my camera, I would’ve caught the critter dancing with his lover on my lawn. I snapped up everything with my eyes, they were having a ball of a time.
        Not easy to spot at all, yet there they were, in focus as clear as daylight. What is a bird lover without a camera?
        Yes I am thankful for the wonder and magic of small blessings 🙌 🥰💕

      • I appreciate you letting me know what you think about my views on this lovely encounter you had with the African Hoopoe bird-jiving 😆👍👍

        Thank you. when I talk it comes natural I never give a second thought to the academic side of it; I express what comes to my mind in a way that helps communication but I am happy that you are interested in the adjectives and so on hahaaha

        Wow that was a good way of putting it ☺️👌; you did snap everything with your eyes and because you didn’t have actual pictures of the moment, you had to use alot if illustrative articulation to place emphasis on the dynamics of the occasion which provokes our thoughts 🤩🤩💕

        Indeed, they were there and you saw, which is main important part because atleast you got to share the beautiful story 💓💓🤗

        I am happy to hear about those wonders and magical moments 🙌😘🥰. Continue to embrace them and enjoy the day 👍👍😆

      • Thank you Shoshin, lol for the academic side. 😂, that was so funny. I never understood it that way, but your natural side of expressing yourself, and it came across so lovely 😍
        Yes, the moment, holds a thousand words, also the communication that pass between me and the bird sweetly heartfelt, hence my attempt at illustrious articulation 😂💕😍

        Thank you, a blessed day further🙌💯😍

      • It is good seeing that you found humor in it haha 👍🤩💯. I speak what comes to mind that’s all I meant by the act of me saying things to people that comes out natural, and thank you for telling me how lovely it is 💕😄☺️👏.

        It so beautiful hearing about what meanings the moment represented to you 🙏🙌☺️. That was a really good moment to have; it’s making me wonder what similar moments I may have today as well, as I drift off in to my own daily priorities — we shall see hahaha. But you are welcome and I thanks to you too for your kind and lovely words 🤩🥰🥰

      • You are welcome my Jefe. True the way you articulated your mind was lovely. 😍💯🙌
        Yes I could go on a bit about the unscripted and instinctive moment, staring into the eye of a bird is surreal. Looking so completely aware I felt in that split second he recognised me from somewhere. 😂😍
        Wishing you wonderful moments in your environs, we shall see 😍🥰🥰

      • Thank you once again, it is interesting to learn of what you made of my comment 👍😄😄.

        Hahaaha the thought of the bird knowing you from somewhere previously is a very sweet thought, the same with the moment that you looked into the bird’s eyes 🙌🙌☺️. You may run into the brid or the same birds again one day and then you both can have a talk — who knows 🤭🤭😂👍💓

        Yes, we shall see 👍😄. For now I am enjoying my day and I hope that you can do the same 💓💓🙏🥰.

      • I felt the enjoyment in your words and of course it warmed my heart, vanity aside, for the admiration.
        It’s a good feeling. 👍 🥰😂

        Exactly, who knows, maybe some day we do cross paths and he instinctively come to eat the breadcrumbs from my hands.
        And, then of course I will bring out my bird-whisperer’s voice and have a jolly old chat, even stroke his feathers. 👋 😂🥰🙌

      • Awesome I am genrally mannerly and kind to everyone I interact or communicate with and the a fact that you feel this as well is very good and cherished thing 👍😂😂

        It’s good to know how you feel my friend 💕💯🤗

        Hahaha true it would be so cool if you get another chance to see the beautiful birds again and they get such a warm welcome from you 🤟🐦☺️🦅🙌

        That’s great and very funny 🤣🤣. I am sure whatever it is you plan to do, they birds will enjoy it alot and they probably would be seen more frequently than before as a result 👏👏🤩💕

      • Lol, of course, I didn’t think me in particular, just lovely and pleasing that you did😂☺🥰, cherished indeed.

        Thanks my Jefe, you are welcome💯💕🥰

        I know, even if it seems impossible you can never tell. 🥰💕

        Most likely, I hope🥰💯💕😍

      • That’s correct, I was emphasizing the fact that what you said was reassuring to me 👍🌹😆😘💯. Haha absolutely, I very much cherished your appreciation 🙏🤗☺️☺️

        Noted, and I could not be more thankful 🤟🥰

        🤣🤣 true, animals have better memory than we give them credit for 💕💕☺️🤩

        I hope so too my friend 👍🤩🤩😇

      • Yes Sir, thank you, your appreciation is fragrant and soothingly scented.

        You know, regarding their memory I’m really not informed what science has to say in this regard. I don’t also have that amount of ram to store all the information about these birds and beasts, and can only elaborate their awareness according my experience. I can make a mountain from these fleeting molehill experiences. They are so cute, extremely lovable and most adorable 😘🥰😍😂

        Thank you Jefe🥰😍😘

      • 👍😂🤩 don’t worry there is no need too get too deep into that kind of information, it would not really be neccessary so we’re good 😂. But yes their memory might be better than we give them credit for 👍😂.

        True, you can only deal with the circumstance in whatever way you are capable of at the time so do what you can; by all accounts, it is remarkable how you told your experience so that we can get a sense of what was going through your mind as you saw the birds 👏☺️🥰

        Hahaha I agree 100% they are very very beautiful creatures and you are welcome 👍😆🙏💯

  4. Stunningly beautiful. I love to watch and listen to birds. Majestic and sensitive creatures. Lovely post, Abi. ❤️❤️

    • Indeed a special day and encounter in the garden, right on the lawn and I don’t have a picture, one of my own to share. Neither could I find one image of an African Hoopoe feeding upon a lawn. 🙂
      Thank you for reading dear Jeff❤❤

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