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June 20, 2022

(n.) a vision seen in sleep: a dream

“Come hither,” brushing her ear the wind whistled. “Find a spot beneath the sycamore tree, write your love story.”

“Which is tantamount to imitating,”  her thoughts retort.

She adores evergreens
conifers of the genus cupressus.

Flushed and  infused,

locating a Cypress, then
came the consoling second sweven, speaking words from heaven
“They too find a cottage, with a view where stands a tree.”  

In her dream she lied.  
Said, she is too busy.

Truth is, she hardly trusts herself to wander,
smell the grass and breathe in the earth. 

Too busy unearthing traumas, embarrasments and every painful loss,

in between visionary fragrances and alpha sensations.
Alva gas straightens her nose
“question without fear or favour”  

while Amazon Goddess sits there, furthermost in her dream.

Poised samurais Nourish and Nurture cross-react.

“Art and poetry are swevens
from heaven.”

Out of chaos
He makes beauty –
her true
love story.

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  1. This is such a lovely and exhilarating writing 🌹🥰🤗. I didn’t even know the word Sweven existed until I read this 🙏😂😘💓💓. I adore your command of the English vocabulary my friend and how those words flow from your heart for beautifully 😘🤩💓🤩🌹. I also really like the picture you included — the flowers are so beautiful just like your writing 💕👌😆🌹☺️😘

    • Oh wow, You what even know how glad to read your comment. I’m a kind of Word-Monger, and unless I read it in recitation and memorize, they tend to fall out of my memory bank.
      I was also so pleasantly surprised when sweven fell in my path and then decided to try my hand at verse, usung these themes which swelled up in me and the photo I took from down the lane and the Amazon Goddes completely hidden.
      Thank you Troy, your impressions mean so much to me. It means the world. 🤗🤍💗💕😘

      • The typos and grammars are just bad.
        Blame it on the preemptives. They are little buggers.
        And my negligence for not editing before posting.

      • Hahaha I am super happy to hear what you thought about my sentiments and to know that you are glad to hear them 😘😘😍. Yes I know fully well what you mean; the words don’t always come on-time or sometimes they just never show up hahaha. It’s so cool hearing how you eventually ended up with the word Sweven at your fingertips then ultimately embedding it so seamlessly into this wonderful topic and the photo of the Amazon Godddes was a lovely touch and seems like a natural complementary fit hahaha. Awww you are welcome darling, it’s the best feeling knowing the effect that my feedback had on you and I couldn’t be happier to know about that 🙏🤩☺️😘😘

        Yes, they are indeed bad and we all suffer from them from time to time unfortunately lol. Yes somewhere along the line there are typically recurring reasons for the typos and whatnot but thankfully we usually spot them in time or we have ways of alerting people about them so that they know what to expect and would be able to interoperate what they are reading with a bit more accurately but don’t worry, I didn’t notice many issues with your post and was able to read it and get it’s true overall message without much difficulty at all lol.

      • Oh yes, it is to wonderful for me to receive feedback. And I thoroughly enjoyed reading your input. 😘💕😍😍
        I actually had the initial idea to develop a story with the word, my photo and my own recurring themes and as I was working through, I eventually succumbed to free verse.

        You know it is terrifying these wordless moments and further exasperating when I can’t give form to feelings or thoughts.

        Some people pass through this moments almost effortlessly. It is really a precious talent and polished skill. I need a lot of gentle and calm breathing because my thoughts run away from me and I forget what I wanted to say or define the feeling.

        Thanks for that, I will try to do better. Sometimes I’m responding in between doing things. 🤗😂💕

      • That is awesome to know 👍😘🤗. I will always try to give you my feedback, input and insights when ever I can 🌹💕☺️☺️

        Hahaha yes that’s how the situation goes with our minds sometimes. We set out to do one thing and then as soon as our brains get extra charged up, more ideas start to come to mind and like an avalanche, we just end up going where it takes us 🤣😅🙏

        Yes for me that’s kind of the case but more of “frustrating” thing than a fear thing lol. The pattern and overall scheme is more important than the individual word but getting the perfect word, right when you need it, makes things even better lol

        There are actually many moments of effortlessness for me but that doesn’t mean that at times things would not be so great lol. I see where you are coming from and I am happy that the gentle and calm breathing does the trick for you and I also think that most people, including myself, know what it is to forget what they wanted to say or not be able to find he words to adequately describe a feeling or a situation.

        I gather that you try to multitask at times and it may certainly impact how you try to do certain things, but don’t worry, there is no rush, feel free to take your time lol

      • I’m caught up in so many things, it’s quite ridiculous that I am unable to make my choice and do all the things i wish to do in the form of writing. This duck and dive is truly ill-defined.
        Listen to a twitter space, watching lawn tennis and browsing the internet. The night catches up with me and here we are slowly marching towards 23.00hrs. TIME waits for no one. Everyhour you grow older.

        Your ALWAYS TRY 💕💙💗 means alot to me. Thank you my Shoshin.

        Avalanche is a beautiful word to describe my own chaos. I am the only one who is the cause of that mind disaster. 💯 🤣…i like what you say, we just keep on rolling with it and let it take us. Scrape off the snow wherever we land and try again.

        Yes when the right word comes it is so-so sweet. A true soother for the impending exasperation. Frustration is a tiny tantrum compared to self-inflicted exasperation…
        And procrastination, holy moses I won’t go there Shoshin and just put it down as too much daydream 🤣😂😂. I wonder so often into the gardens of authors to understand their minds. The weird thing, even in the midst of all the beauty I find there, I do get lost🤣🤣, and AGAIN have to find my way. APPRENTICE is a staggeringly difficult place to be,especially if you have to repeat a year of practicals…lol. oh lord. But I LOVE the WORD.

        Yes I try to do as I explained earlier too much at the same time. 😂

        Thanks Shoshin, 😍😘thanks for showing me love on this post💛😊💛😘

      • Yup that is how it goes sometimes, we don’t always get what want lol. But on the other hand, just because something does not happen now, it does not mean there won’t be oppertunities to make it happen at another time and this is what makes us keep coming up with different things 🌹👌🤗😘.

        Absolutely this is a situation that most of us can relate too haha. We often have so many things to do but so little time in which to do them further minimized by the unpredictable variables of life. I could not agree more with what you said about time not waiting on anyone and how life catches up to us every second that ticks by

        That makes me happy darling, and is yet another thing that proves how my efforts are not futile LOL. You are welcome 🙏🤩😇💙

        It is interesting that you can relate to the things i classified as Avalanche. Mind disasters are definitely some of our own doing haha. I am glad you like what I said about rolling with the avalanche; it does happen. Some things just tend to influence us more compared to what we originally had in mind or had set up and like you mentioned, sometimes the landing is not always smooth but we get up, dust off and try again 💙👍🤣😆

        Exactly, it is the best thing when the word comes; it’s like a miracle was performed and we are able to walk and see again or for the first time. You make an interesting point; definition wise “exasperation” is “annoyance” and “irritation”. When someone is “frustrated”, they are often actually “furious” even though “exasperation” and frustration are basically similar in meaning. But the real point I was making is that I am usually “frustrated” rather than “sad” when certain words or a train of thought escapes me lol. Hahah true, sometimes it can take forever when we try to procrastinate in attempts to try and recapture the words or thoughts to the point where it seems like we are in a state of daydreaming 😂👍. Given what you have told me about how you try to understand the minds of Authors, it sure highlights the difference between reading what’s on their minds and thinking about what’s on their minds 🤣😆😅😅. I see what you are saying about being apprentice and I hope that it’s not a position you would find yourself in too often, or atleast any longer than you have to be 👍😂🤗👌

        Tearing off more than we can manage is the classic temptation that we always fall for haha 💯🌹🤭

        Awww you are so welcome my lovely darling 💙💕😘😍. Your post was marvelous like always, and being able to chat and laugh and discuss it with you is the only thing that made it even better so you are very welcome 💕☺️🥰😘😘

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