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Gifts of Survival

June 18, 2022

In sweet darkness, braiding sweet grass,
smudge in herbal medicine
come to know ourselves

find your own trail, you are the indue
daisy-shaped flower, blooms while summer’s flower fades…
& found, wanting & lost?

Glide silently through
the water
travel the seas for one hundred million years, the ancestor’s gift,
survival instinct
perfecting self-reliance

shorter legs can scuttle at quite a pace
widely grown hybrids survive;
bright red, sweet and juicy

vampire squid body
confusing the hunter
her luminescent cloud
baffles the predator

Golden and Delicious, wantonly pretty
African Carmine, fully awake 
needing sunshine

being alone
seat of creative energy
obtain nourishment

branching out, street smart with business savvy

rugged and determined
making money
local menace

living the good life
adapting to novel threats
in changing

every moment is a gift
of survival,

the life and spirit within

September days are crisp and golden.
I’ve been turn like the autumn leaf, who looked at the sky to survive. And when comeback to reality, I knew gracefully, life is a gift.

Ebelsain Villegas

  1. I love that first verse! The “braiding of medicine cleansing the psyche, spirit and mind with smoke hymns…Brilliant!

    And plants and flowers rugged in their determination to blossom do set a beautiful reminder/encouragement for one’s own survival instincts.

    Very fresh and imaginative piece. An enjoyable read. Thank you!

    • Thank you Poet, it is as you say the preparation; to become, to bring and to distinguish ourselves through honing our skills in order to survive in a world outside the boundaries or comfort of the family, this preparation is vital and in the process get to know ourselves.

      I’m such a bug, I feed on the secret life of plants to make myself heard.

      Thank you for casting your eyes upon this piece. Thank you for reading.
      I’m filled with gratitude.

      • Absolutely! Self actualization is there as yoi say in the “shedding” of comforts. Amen. What a powerful point to ponder! Thank you.

        And, It was my pleasure indeed. Happy creating!

      • Self-actualization, yes the way to independence, thank for sharing that thought.

        Thank you. 💛

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