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It’s really time

May 17, 2022

To finally say goodbye. I seen the offerings of the palace long ago. How he subtlety spread his scent to capture the essence of his imagination.

Today I’m not cooking a roast, if this rare autumn leaf and feather I picked up amongst the ordinary flowers in between the trees are not once again God talking to me, then I don’t know.

Quite honestly it is no hold, but I cant be taken down everyday down that road, believing other, it is not so.

  1. the leaf is very vivid!

  2. Yes, speech every leaf a page of wisdom and comfort…from above.

    • Yes, I won’t deny, I was devastated upon learning the invaluable engagement and dedication to arouse the attention. I took a walk afterwards, and look how God speaks. At first, I thought oh let be, and as always like with each revelation, go with the flow.
      Holding the feather and the leaf, the thought between the thoughts came and yes I spoke it and posted unedited.
      Thank you for your heart-warming words, Poet.

  3. I believe that God, or as I call it The luminous energy, finds many ways to talk to us and make us understand certain things. For example, I dance and sing and I hope it gets to him and sometimes I tell him to help me, to support me with his strength, because I am a fragile person, and sometimes I get tired of praying, and now I am weak in the body and sometimes I feel too useless and can’t save the world. I believe that he took me off the fire many times, while I was burning from having too many feelings, too many strong emotions, and I didn’t know how to do it. I believe that he is in a leaf, in a branch, in a cloud, and that we must look, see him, in all beautiful things and say it, always say it, that he has created wonderful things but we are destroying them

    • Yes, I feel every line you wrote, they resonate with me.
      Sometimes God just whisks you away after long time in the desert, to sober one up, quench our thirst from his fountain of life.
      Yes, yes….everywhere, we can find him….
      The insanity must come down.
      Such a precious moment reflecting upon your words. Thank you once more.

  4. The leaf is indeed stiff and it looks lovely

    • Amazing, so much moisture contained they dry richly and slowly, here.

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