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Coming through her roots

January 22, 2022

Eliminating superfluous matter and the unwanted

at the unveiling,
shaped up and pruned,

full blast, she sat proudly looking sharper
than ever,

she revealed all her blade-like greens,

life and love and what really matters –
wit and her wisdom and eelgrass understanding…

Breathless, unstirred by the spume of the daily headlines,

as the chill of the evening finally settles,

she ponders
the seasonality of life.

In the world of Flora, there are
summer annuals,
winter annuals,
biennials, and perennials, –

the seductive phenomenon
known as hues.

  1. Timothy Price permalink

    Excellent poem. interesting plant.

    • Thank you Timothy. Yes, so much foliage for her slim frame.
      I wouldn’t know how to search for the name. I’m basically getting to know the wood in my garden.

  2. holy shamoley, Abi. You’ve outdone yourself. This is stunning!


  3. How gorgeous is your verse, within me, hope, and love arise like a tide, as I read these words. Good morning, my dear. Wishing you a blissful Sunday. ❤️❤️

    • 🙂🙂, thank you so much Jeff❤❤
      You reading and praise means alot. Good night. Sleep sweetly.❤❤

  4. Beautifully penned, heartouching piece~ Jay

  5. Beautiful poem. I love how the tree shines in the light.

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