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Pins and Needles

January 8, 2022

on her knees –
disentangling knots,

captured cello
between her legs,
playing the prelude
for Suite No. 1 –
now the mystery haunts

  1. Timothy Price permalink


    • 🙂 yes
      Good morning

      • Timothy Price permalink

        Good evening.

      • Oh😊pardon
        Wishing you a lovely evening
        These different time zones causes the modes of greeting to clash

      • Timothy Price permalink

        We can greet each other in are respective time zones. Keeps us cognizant that we are on opposite sides of the planet yet communicating at the same time.

      • I love it, yes 😍

  2. Gorgeous poems, and wondrous paintings. The first one is marvelous. Good evening to you, dear Abi. It’s probably pretty late there. I hope you sleep blissfully, my dear. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Good evening Jeff♥♥, I hardly seen you this weekend. How are you? Yes it’s getting pretty late. I wish to watch some soccer but my eyes are tired. I’m also trying to catch up on some correspondence.

      Oh I’m so deeply touched by your appreciation. It’s such a struggle to get a creative bone going these days. I feel locked in a time and topic bubble….but hopefully i can slip out from that bubble and float away…lol.
      Your words make me feel wonderful, thank you ♥♥

      • Good evening, Abi. ❤️❤️It’s true, we’ve not seen each other much this weekend. I’m excellent, thank you, dear. And you?

        Oh, some soccer sounds good, though I understand the tiredness. I had a nice nap yesterday, and probably one again today. How funny. I just finished my correspondence for the weekend.

        You’re most welcome, Abi. Always. I love reading and experiencing you. Mmm. Oh, I totally understand the creative struggle. Happens to me too. You will slip through, and into the creative zone, I know it.

        I’m so happy this is so. Sleep well, my dear friend. Much love to you. ❤️❤️

      • It’s important that you are in such high spirits and that all is good and life is treating you well.

        I’m also good. Weekend was relaxing. The school year begins this coming week. Saturday I assisted here and there to cover school books, so that was nice. We ready. School uniform ironed and ready. So yes the weekend was more about settling down. I’m good Jeff 🙂🙂

        Rest is good and I’m glad you are sleeping well.

        Yeah i will watch a bit of soccer in this week, it’s going to get busy.

        Oh good for you. On my side there is still much reading to do. The holidays changed the structure and rituals of my days. We had soooo much visitors.

        Thank you dear, I appreciate you♥
        Much love too ❤ 💕

      • Indeed, and agreed.
        Good to read and to know. Oh, how lovely. I hope the kiddos are ready and have a lovely first week. ☺️
        Indeed it is. Will be settling in for a nap now. 😴
        That’s a good. Relaxing too.
        Seems like there’s always much reading to do. I lovely. Oh, visitors are always wonderful, and also tiring. Both.
        Thank you, my dear, and I you. ❤️❤️❤️

      • Good morning Jeff♥♥, I’m sure you are sleeping by now.
        The kiddos are enjoying there last Monday of the holidays. They are swimming already. School starts on Wednesday.
        I will catch up with you later in the afternoon. I have two doctor’s appointments this morning.
        Wish me a wonderful 10 January as I do you♥♥…much love too.

  3. Well written with room for the reader’s interpretation…

    • Thank you. I’m so thrilled to hear that the romance or mood of the poem isn’t trapped, leaving room for the reader to extract his or her own feelings and interpretation.
      Thank you so much for reading.🙂

  4. FatherV permalink

    The bishops bow plays a sweet tune on the cello

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