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What to do with all the answers…2021

December 29, 2021

The individual wants to know, public demand answers, insanity prevails, people want their strip shows, says the classification committe, how they handle it, only heaven knows…

wanting answers, was it white, was it black, those in between, following claims, spoilt ballad papers, growing unrest

in this party also the other one, more detail, urge to summons the owners, reviews from the archives, planned closure of sheep and meats…

what will we do with all the answers, move swiftly with an investigation, unqualified allegation independent whistle-blowing services, anyone can suspect, witness or observe

wrongdoing, seeing how it works, madness sat there stroking everyone, shameless looting, silence on the issue unsuccessful attempts to find the answers,

can we handle them referred all communication regarding the matter, what will we do with all the answers, take further steps to give clarity…

Jan Van Eyck, The Just Judges (Photograph), c1426 | (c) WikiCommons/1Veertje

a plethora of prolific stolen treasure troves still to be found.

From → Mzansi

  1. Timothy Price permalink

    Excellent summary of 2021.

    • Thank you Timothy.
      There is so much to weave but I’m glad you felt the entirety through this brief summary.

      • Timothy Price permalink

        Things are so complex these days, yet so simple to sum up.

      • Yes, the networks are extremely volatile.

  2. I hope I dream about this tonight!!

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