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Joyously unrestrained,

December 25, 2021

with the magic of Christmas;
cheers to an illustrious life,
with exuberant smiles, radiating
happiness and style;

There are so many gifts
I wish to give to you,
presents of peace,
joy, fulfillment
of your dreams,
so many things
wrapped in love,

I baked you a variety, one hundred different cookies
filled with comfort and warmth
sprinkled in snowy
at a cosy fireplace –


  1. Timothy Price permalink

    I love your Merry Christmas in cats. Beautiful Christmas poem, abvr. I hope your Christmas was joyful.

    • Oh im so happy you could see the cats…😊…thank you Timothy. It was a nice relaxing session with my stylus.
      Glad you like the poem. Yes, it’s a lovely day, warm inside and a little chilly outside. It should rain a little later.
      Hope your Christmas is merry and joyful too.

  2. Nice!Merry Christmas to you too!(I’m late, I know 🙂 )

    • Oh thank you so much Quaranjavirus, compliments of the season to you too🙂

      They say rather late than never.🙂 Thank you for passing through

  3. Belate yuletide greetings. Love your work.

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