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Virginia Woolf

December 23, 2021

That woman, writer, poet and intellectual was also a prophet!! The unbeliever, critic and teaser of the great TS Elliot in their time. Oh did they fight like mad. Nothing could hold back the incredibly hard punching Virginia with her crushing depression

Listen how she describes the weather, 100 years ago, almost to the date. I hand you the mesmerizing prophetic word, an essay in two lines.

Blue Tree Avenue – Luisa Millicent


“This is a black foggy Christmas week; and the human race is distracted and unlovable.”Virginia Woolf, December 1931

Foggy day NEW

 by Leonid Afremov

  1. Timothy Price permalink

    “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Do you remember that play?

  2. Virginia Woolf made me cry in a homeless shelter. I couldn’t understand a word of it, but I could tell it was beautiful, and far beyond the realm of anything I could ever hope to achieve.

    • Oh man Jeffrey…you need alot of patience.
      She engaged the internal reality which became her main focus.
      She also engaged writers and academics, journalists and poets in her writings. She cites the them. Incisive and caring. I believe Henry James influenced her writings. Have you read him.
      I will look into his life and writings.

      • I have not read Henry James, but I will look him up now.

      • I just checked out “The Turn of the Screw” as an e-book from my library. I couldn’t resist a ghost story!

      • Oh great, I’m sure you going to stream something for us!!!

      • I am on chapter X. It is a great novel. The children do not seem bothered by the ghost(s), but the ladies are besides themselves with fright. Thank you for suggesting this author.

      • Lol, that is so typical of the ladies
        Keep me posted, better still, please write a review

      • It may be an actual haunted story. As I began to read it, I got a stranger visitor in my home. Perhaps a transient. He was wearing plastic bags for shoes. I am not joking. We crossed paths in the hallway as I returned from outdoors and he exited the bathroom. I live in a rooming house. I wondered if he was a guest of one of my roommates, but the front door was unlocked, and…

        This may sound stupid, but I felt like he was looking at me through the ghost of the story I was reading. I felt crazy. Should I call the police?

        I live just that kind of life.

        When I checked a few hours later, someone had locked the front door. We all had been leaving it unlocked because the electronic code device was broken. You can lock it manually with a key, but no one ever did.

        An intruding hobo, coming in from a cold winter night? A guest of my roommates? A ghost? Probably obvious to everyone but me.

      • Just so fascinating how your own storytelling unfolds
        It jumps out of the pages you read
        And then processed in your into a new adventure

        Have a lovely Friday Jeffrey
        And a great weekend ahead
        I have visitors shortly to attend

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