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May each be better than the last…

December 5, 2021

this warmness inside,

truly, madly, deeply,

my fondness

has no bounds.

Play, walk, dance,


by sweet confiding,

to be one with you

melts me inside,

fondly as


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  1. Good morning, Abi. Beautiful verse, and stunning photo. Magical. Have a wonderful day, my dear friend. ❤️❤️

    • A very good morning dear Jeff ❤❤.
      I’m so happy, thank you. Wishing you a marvelous first Monday of December. ❤❤ Enjoy!!!

  2. This is such a warm, comfortable love 🙂

    • Good Monday Morning David❤
      Thank you, it is 🙂.
      So happy you felt that.

  3. Marvelous this piece 🙂

  4. Wonderful work. It makes me emotional. I have to read it twice!

    • Yes thank you
      An irresistible muse
      Lovable tempting
      And extremely outrageous too

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