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When the Generals Speak

December 1, 2021

about a little war that saw more than its share of unskilled politically appointed – a Minister, a Commissioner and Generals –

covering up their roles in a pointless insurrection

swaying public opinion; opportunistic self-aggrandizing comes out to play –

brandishing ineptitude, using it to settle tribal issues

battles will be won!!! Egos won’t settle!!!

After the commission draws the curtain we will bow,

outside the kingdom, faraway from the city of gold,

knowing the lions were silenced –

we will stand, a whole nation bulldozed,

a country crippled, led by henchmen.

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  1. What is this in reference to, Abi?

    • To an enquiry about the looting in my country and all the people who lost their lives.
      An inquiry into who was in command.

      • recent looting? (forgive me – I know very little about S.A.)

      • I’m sorry if it sounds vague. This is a little war that went viral internationally. I should take this down.

  2. It may well be about a specific country… but it speaks loudly about what is done in the shadows in many countries…while so many people sleep, cover their eyes, or have their heads in the clouds…

    • Yes, i believe so too. I don’t think the whole country realise in full the nature of this little war. On the otherhand people reserve their opinion. Much power play going on.
      Clearly alot of geopolitics and ego stroking going on, a hero from a dominant side must emerge. I don’t think the whole country feel the intensity. It will rain ashes and some people will still not understand.

      • So true… but the hero may end up being expendable… for as Bob Marley said: How long will they kill our Prophets… while we stand aside and look…?

      • True 🙂

  3. Painful, Abi. Ego continues to drive these issues, and in fact the more they happen the more ego is inflated making them more likely to occur. I hope this is not the case here. ❤️

    • Good morning Jeff❤. I think you right, the egos won’t abate, and yes it feels terribly scared. I’ve lived under two types of generals, oppression and freedom. The lines between the two, defining the differences are slowly becoming blurred. What hurts the most are these rose-colored spectacles I’ve been wearing. Having contributed to the liberation of my country, now it feels all so embarrassing I was truly naive about the calibre of cadre that would come to the fore. Or maybe I’ve always carried it inside my bosom that liberation would turn out this way. Anway i could spend days here shedding my tears in anguish about a liberation i don’t recognise. Exclusion and seperate development, living regional and provincial lives tied up in culture, tradition, heritage and also ethnicity have come home to roost at the behest of kingdoms.

      How are you Jeff? I fell asleep reading you poem – the moons gentle bestowing..

      Beautifully narrated.
      Everyone there i think said it all
      Or maybe not.

      Was it full moon that day you wrote.
      I don’t see her much, due to the different angles of the house. I use to see her clearly from my previous bedroom window. I think she wants me to rest, i was inclined to step outside to look at her.

      Have a beautiful Sunday Jeff❤

      I hope you don’t mind my unpacking.

      • I never mind you unpacking; it’s wonderful to read your thoughts and feelings. I feel like this scenario you are describing and living through happens sometimes. Ideas of more freedom are sometimes used as a political tool to gain power, only to then deny those ideas from manifesting. This country is a hothouse of political deceptions and mongering, while people go hungry and people are continually oppressed systematically. Hardships and a real lack of genuine care and love.

        I am well, thank you, Abi. Ah, that’s so sweet…thank you.

        No it wasn’t full when I wrote the poem, yet the reflection that gave way to the poem was based on a full moon night recently. I get to see her often, well, often when it is clear, which at this time of year, is not as often. Rest easy then my friend.

        Thank you; and a beautiful Sunday to you, my dear friend. ❤️❤️

      • ❤❤❤
        Thank you.
        Ideas of more freedom coupled with power…you have a way of bringing events into focus.
        The deceit all to evident.

        Beautiful reflections.
        Thank you Jeff❤❤. I will my dear.

      • ❤️❤️❤️ You’re most welcome, Abi. An honor to be here with you. ❤️❤️

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