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Solidly grounded

November 30, 2021

Silver trumpet embedded,

spectacularly displays

classic golden flowers,

mesmerizing the fiercely

excitable Tabebuia – tantalizing

I could have sworn

To celestial’s surprise

neither sticky

nor messy,

dazzling clockwise

aqua’s mid-morn

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  1. You have a very sharp eye, I think, Abi…


  2. Beautifully penned. Such wonderful imagery.

    • These words of yours mean so much to me. Thank you Goff.
      Have a wonderful day. After the heat, a big storm is brewing here.

      • Pleasure. Winter is stepping boldly here. BRRRRR!!!!

      • As you can see from my image, our skies were the bluest blue this morning. Now with the thunder rolling it has turned grey.

      • There is beauty in a thunderstorm.

      • Oh yes, the storm has quieted down, the earth smells fresh and the shades of green are delighted and looking fresh after their stormy shower

      • Cheers. There is a special silence before and after any storm.

      • Absolutely
        Cheers Goff
        Thank you

      • Keep Smiling.

  3. You too

  4. Beautiful language and feelings here, Abi. ❤️

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