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Your heart dreams of Spring

November 29, 2021

Who shall write her memoirs now?

Memoirs of a Sumptuous Mother – Etim Ekpenyong

Water, Gold, Fire and Wood.

Mental impairment frying fish cakes, self-reliant completely deceptive. Quick-witted, resourceful, and smart, lacking courage, meant to be wealthy and prosperpus, came the year of death.

Dexterous pretty smart, oh there we go again, praising the quick mind. Talkative shrewd and wise.

A crowd gathered around your sick hospital bed.

Amputated came the next day, brave and quiet, on your own that day, you died alone.

Word got wind you spoke to the angels as they lifted your spirit and carried you away. Strong incense of self-esteem. Precious stone.

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  1. Amputated came the next day, brave and quiet, on your own that day, you died alone.


  2. A agree with David, ingenious, and so beautifully created and delivered. ❤️❤️

    • Thank yo so much my dear friend Jeff♥️. I appreciate your critic of this piece. It actually took on partly the form which i learned from a friend. When it came to me, i thiught why not run with it. And im so happy i did because it accepted my feelings.

  3. You’re welcome, Abi. Always. Ah, that’s so nice, I love that. Good morning to you, my friend. ❤️❤️

    • Good morning Jeff❤🙂
      Yes it indeed influenced me.
      Wishing you a lovely Friday.
      Take good care.

  4. Gold. Wood. These two words stuck with me. I want to look back. I read it two times. I noticed the burning pyramid in the photo? Is there a gun? Hm.

    • The way you looked into the painting and the raw material is fascinating
      There is a gun, rife across the continent.

    • Oh i learned much from you when starting out on this memoir

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