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Looking back in time

November 27, 2021

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end. I said in my heart, God will judge the righteous and the wicked, for there is a time for every matter and for every work.

In a conversation on the afterlife and living forever, someone mentioned that he/she would become bored living for a million years. It was quite a sticky and robust excercise about the existence of God and that if we die, we die, death is forevermore so there is only one chance we have at life. And I added in my mind as we know it. I’m so excited about the prospect of observing the world in a back an forth motion on the otherside of life. It would be absolutely foolish for me to think that time set in an earthly tank, hanging there amongst the other planets is the only time that exists. I’m ecstactic and confident about the evermore, of me looking back and at my future possibilities and being assigned a new mission. For honestly none of us can pass over God’s Word. He has breathed eternity into our lives.

“When you love something, you protect it.” 

Eternity is set in our hearts, no wonder the creatives give so much thought and attention to this endearing truth, we are eternal. Nothing can change the trajectory of us unfolding and observing. Looking back, going and coming.

The journey of gods in human form.

I haven’t watched the movie Eternals but I am fascinated at the name of the new Marvel movie released in November 2021. The name came and complimented my thoughts of me being eternal, of me becoming better and better at each new encounter with life on earth.

What I also found fascinating in the latest Marvel film, Eternals, superheroes have learned to speak the ancient Iraqi language Babylonian. The movie is rated not just as a superhero movie or just about gods, but a true ode to humanity.

Don’t ask me when, but I will watch Eternals. I’d love to see Angeline Jolie in a movie again, especially after all the love she has lost on and off the screen, but I’m mainly attracted to the name Eternals.

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  1. Timothy Price permalink

    The theology of eternal life, immortality of the soul, and everlasting life have consumed men and women with wonder and speculation for as long as their words have been recorded and probably longer. Jesus promised “everlasting life” in the resurrection of the the body. Later Christians adopted Plato’s philosophy of souls going to Heaven or Hell. For the early Jews, you simply died and were dead. Later they have Abraham’s bosom (kind of like purgatory), Sheol (dark place of the dead) and Gehenna (a valley in Jerusalem, but also used as the name of the place where unrighteous souls are punished after death). Church fathers also adapted Plato’s immorality of the soul around the 4th century. Then there are beliefs in reincarnation, death and rebirth, people turn into angels or gods and get their own planets, divine spirits are stuck in disgusting human bodies waiting to escape after the body dies, and fight their way through the evil Archons to make their way back to the Pleroma where they belong. So many choices of what to believe about death and the afterlife. I probably will not see the movie.

    • Oh Timothy, I can’t believe what you just did there. Thank you so much for sharing this concise history of man and his infinite search.
      Eternity set inside of the heart of man sets him on these various journeys and we will still reach the Eternal a wondrous feeling and truth for me. Thank you once more. Forevermore consumed with eternity. So true.
      I am sooo disappointed that i failed miserably. We won’t have a discussion about the movie over an online vintage glass of wine.

      • Timothy Price permalink

        I rarely watch movies. It’s been a couple of years since I watched a movie and that was after a friend brought me a DVD and insisted I watch the movie. I’d love to discuss ideas of the afterlife, ghosts, spirits, theology, whatever.

      • Well same with me. Although i use to be a big movie lover. In those days i went often out to the cinemas. It was a real outing. Still now and then i like catching up with a series or movie that goes out of their way to catch my attention.
        The discussion points you mention are also some of my favorite themes.

      • Timothy Price permalink

        When Laurie was taking French. and before when went to France, we watched a lot of French films. I love French cinema. I am not a fan of most American movies. I haven’t had a television in over 30 years. I do watch short out takes of some shows like old Saturday Night Live skits, Monty Python, Benny hill and Red Green skits. With my adult ADHD, 5 or 6 minutes is my max attention span these days.

      • French movies in my book would fall under Cimena Noir for me. One or two images cone to me mind but i cant recall the titles. I fact all foreign movies fall into this category for me. I’ve seen some sensually beautiful movies back in tbe day and of course I’ve watch quite a bit of American Movies. Hardly any one misses Hollywood, the film industry is just there. Yeah thise skits i remember too. I got hung up on a couple of series as well. Oh golly i know these distractions can be absolutely annoying. For me it’s about becoming engrossed again, level out and raise my concentration span.
        Does Laurie love watching movies?

      • Timothy Price permalink

        The French have some great comedies. I’ve seen almost all of these:

      • Oh my word
        🙈, you quieted me.

      • Timothy Price permalink

        One of the the reasons I like French movies is they treat the viewers like adults, and keep things in proper perspective.

      • No Cinderella stories there.
        I understand where you are coming from. No understand makeup there. No wonder many great authors went to seek abode in French Cities, singers and dancers alike. I’m thinking Baldwin, Simone and Josephine Baker.
        I love Schrek though. Truly love him.
        The hunchback of notre dame in a way, standing his grounds in the most endearing ways.

  2. ❤ Abi ❤ – thanks for sharing these introspective, revealing thoughts


    • You are most welcome David❤
      Thank you for reading and responding. I appreciate ♥

  3. The We in eternal is just that, eternal, as we are That. I might see the movie. Oh, and Tim’s comment is amazing. ☺️ Lovely post, Abi. ❤️❤️

    • I got it wrong. The name just didn’t do it. I’m still over the moon. Yes the knowing.
      It’s fine Jeff. I think most people have seen the trailers and are not excited. Yes I want to.
      As for Timothy, absolutely, he came with a breath of fresh air and opened all the windows.
      Thank you ❤

      • It’s all good. Hmmm. I see. I’ve not seen the trailer yet. I might watch it. Indeed, Tim does that. A wealth of knowledge, he has. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday, Abi. ❤️

  4. Ah if it doesn’t appeal to you then don’t stick out your head. I will have a conversation with those who have seen the movie. It will come up and i will watch it at home.
    As for Tim, yes.
    Have a beautiful Sunday too Jeff❤

  5. I have experienced moments in my life that felt like they were eternal. It may just be a trick of the mind, but it sure felt possible to be stuck in a moment forever.

    • We are eternal Jeffrey.
      There are gateways into new life, powers, greater joys and wonderful horizons.

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