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Nako will be buried on Sunday.

November 24, 2021
The 16-year-old grade 10 pupil had aspirations of becoming a medical doctor, but in her last days she wrote messages and sent voice notes detailing how much she wanted to “rest in peace”.

Two teachers implicated in the alleged bullying of Lathitha Nako at Bhisho High School have been placed on special leave and special arrangements were made for the pupils accused of bullying her.

We are so in danger of all this unwanted aggressive behaviour metered out on young people by peers and adults. Essentially we are a mentally deranged society. Imagine Lathitha feeling hopeless at a place of learning when teachers and their pack of learners turned on her.

My heart pains just thinking about her stress inside and outside the classroom.

Don’t you think these educators are fucked up, to drive a young woman over the cliff, with their serious and vindictive thrills?

My heart bleeds Nako, I pray you are at peace. I’m so sorry for this wicked, terribly wicked world. I’m sorry there was nobody to reach out too.

Sleep peacefully Lathitha, safe in the arms of Jesus, sleep sweetly.

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  1. Timothy Price permalink

    That’s horrible. We have too much of this stuff over here as well.

    • It’s tragic.
      We are a country of bullies
      Hush don’t say it out loud
      The nation will flip
      A high level of denial.

    • To painful to think about the heartsore in her family home right now.

  2. This is so sad! You might like a blog called Chateau Cherie. It’s all about bullying. It should come up right way in Reader.

    • Very sad indeed. I shall look into your blog posts. Thanks for sharing.
      I should be able to read in the evening

  3. This tears my heart, an open wound for this lovely young girl. I’m saddened to read this, Abi. I’m hopeful these “teachers” are held to account.

    • Bullying is so far gone in the system, so harsh 😢 young people can’t cope, for them the bravest act is to set themselves free, commit suicide.
      I hope so too Jeff.

      • It makes me ill. It is bad here too, and I don’t see it getting any better anywhere. Sadness. 😥😔

      • Sad yes, many souls can do that, take their lives
        To expose the rot.
        Can you imagine the frequency that those teachers function with.
        So much power.
        Who is the weaker now. Only the system can protect them.

      • Indeed, and agreed. The issue here is that the system is full of systematic and structural issues, which does not bode well for protecting the vulnerable. The paradox being that there are tons of prevention programs, yet many of them do not adequately address the most vulnerable. It’s a horror.

      • I don’t what it is dear Jeff!❤
        How these prevention measures fall short. We were just hit with a shock wave regarding shelters for the homeless and how money is being rediverted into higher salaries, and sacrificing the standard of living in the shelter. I know that we have a lack of mental health programmes, yet there is money to implement and it is not happening. We also have to few mental health therapists and social workers attached to our schools. Also Jeff, these are not easy career paths. Burnout is on a all time high.

  4. Yes, we are a mentally deranged society. You said it.

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