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Eleven-day dance in the skies

November 24, 2021

And I’m so happy for you…

I pondered, scratching my brain

Beneath the dance of the chiseled diamond sky,

to them, I am pure and precious 
to them, I am a soul untouched 
A soul to be salvaged

feeling more beautiful and loving than usual…

I pondered, you are worthy

And I’m so happy

for you,

catching the shooting star,

embrace all the good coming to you.

  1. Timothy Price permalink

    Wonderful poem. I love the painting.

  2. Such beauty in motion and form. The painting is stunning, and the poem gorgeous. I get the importance of remembering to open our hearts to all that life offers. Wonderful, Abi. ❤️❤️

    • Good morning Sunday morningJeff❤
      It is pure bliss when you grace my posts and appreciate my words.
      You are a Rock.

      • Good morning, dear Abi. That’s so kind. It’s always my pleasure to read and experience your work. Always. ❤️❤️

      • ❤❤❤

  3. The eloquence stirs abstract feelings of longing. I want to catch a falling star myself.

    • I just noticed you changed your name.

      Thank you Jeffrey, I’m inhaling all of this, it smells and feels so good.
      You should, you are deserving.

  4. Awesome, such a nice flow

  5. Beautiful post

    • Thank you, I’m so happy you liked my post. Wishing you a lovely Monday.

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