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Walking on Coals- “immensely natural”.

November 23, 2021

Surely the Drakensberg Mountains are dispelling the myth that the mighty mountain range is sinking while the great Himalayas is rising.

Besides the 90-minute naked hike, the group was treated to a variety of other surprise experiences, including walking on hot coals.  

Women walked on coals raising its frequency – Fanafikile Lephakha, who organised the experience alongside female life coach Nozipho Hoohlo, who took the women on the naked trek, said the walking on fire exercise was symbolic. 

The 21 women took part in their first all-female naked hike in the Free State at the weekend.

Women went hiking naked and followed a trail through the enchanting Drakensberg.

The camp site where the women spent the night before embarking on their hike.

Mary-Ann West, who came from Cape Town to take part, explained that there was so much more to the experience than simply being naked, saying it was a highlight she would forever cherish.

West painted a picture of serenity, complete freedom and fulfilment in a breathtaking environment in the company of 20 other women from all walks of life.

There is something magical about being in nature, on top of a mountain. You cannot put it in words, but you feel it deep within – it touches your spirit. 

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  1. This is an interesting reflection for me. I lived in the mountain ranges for a while, and, indeed, there is magic there. ❤️✨

  2. Yes, with their energy i wish to believe that.they definitely raised the frequency of the province.
    For a big part of my life i woke up looking at a mountain range.
    Good morning Jeff❤
    Have a lovely Saturday

  3. I guess there is a serenity to be found in nudity! Makes me think of paganism.

    • No doubt. Only in nature can one bare oneself without feeling naked, just nude
      Skin to skin with nature and the environment

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