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Ruffled Feathers –

November 22, 2021

life is full of surprises

Robin in Hawklike

glide, freewheeling pearl

moon dangling light, come

wind, gliding through nights,

disruptions are mini-teachers

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  1. This is so lovely 💘

  2. The moon went black here a few nights ago. Must’ve been an eclipse.

    • Yes 19 November, indeed it was. I still have a draft with some things i wanted to say, but the form never came my way.
      The partial eclipse was experienced at different times in the world, ours came in the afternoon when the sky was grey.
      But i think we all felt the ripples of the solar event.

      • I couldn’t believe my luck at witnessing it. It must’ve been 3 AM, and I just happened to be out for a walk. Saw the whole thing. Couldn’t believe my eyes for a moment.

  3. Is beautiful verse, Abi. ❤️❤️

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