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Dusky Acraea  Hyalites esebria esebria

November 13, 2021

I will most certainly be floored , on the otherhand it’s futile to scrap history, instead remain honest and stick to the facts. The Afrikaans name for Dusky is Kafferbok-rooitjie. Done and dusted. Beyond the demeaning vernacular the current scientific butterfly family name used for this species in southern Africa is Telchinia esebria.

The colouring of this butterfly is variable with the patches being anything from a pale yellow to more orange.

Besides, it is easy to confuse Dusky with the white-barred Acraea and common wanderer.

Die Witstreep-rootjie – the colouring of this species is similar to the African Monarch. In South Africa the white-barred Acraea is only found along the eastern portion of the country. Upon reading I now know why these beauties are still awol; they only return to the edges of our forests towards the end of summer. They fly slowly and perch regularly on low plants, and if your neck of the woods get lucky they can be seen all year round.

The Dusky Acraea can be seen on the wing all year round, but it is most common between December and April. These butterflies fly slowly in and around forests and feed from flowers. Today I had the privilege to view one just outside my bedroom door. I quickly rushed for my phone camera, opened the sliding door, thinking I had an advantage, that the tiny wing was broken, but no, once I opened the door it lifted off and fluttered away to feed off my flowers elsewhere in the garden.

I saw a Dusky in the image of the picture above. Oh I misjudged a moment there, I missed a golden opportunity to make one for my insecta collection.

Beautiful insecta,

servant of nature,

watch me,

trusted with delicate

and dusky things

come December come.

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  1. I love the poem at the end in particular, Abi ❤


    • Oh, thank you so much David. Of course I’m over the moon when you love my poems ❤

  2. Love your poem!

  3. A glorious poem, and beautiful pics. I adore butterflies. Thank you for sharing this with us, Abi. 🌹🦋

    • I hope to catch a Dusky of my own in picture come December.

      Butterflies are so delightful
      The biggest teasers
      You think you about to catch me, and in snap they flutter away.

      I love that you love
      A glorious poem
      Thank you Jeff ❤

      • Ah, yes, it’s just like that. They are there and then gone…I love them so much. You’re most welcome, Abi. Thank you for this lovely post. 💖

  4. 🦋❤🦋

  5. Butterflies are lovely.

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