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Proof meets us at every turn

November 9, 2021

They are probably not aware of it, but they are either repelled or attracted by this silent influence. 

All i can add and where I agree, I’ve seen how displaced men and women turn a hell hole into a green avenue or cul-de-sac. And sadly watched how others made an abyss from a pristine place

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  1. Indeed, it is truth; and most people don’t understand it, especially in this country. In fact, very generally speaking, we are socialized oppositely. Focusing on that which is outside of us, never fully being educated on the connection between the inner and outer worlds. Thus, it is a path “unavailable” until something/someone occurs in a life, creating a new conversation, with new possibilities. Have a lovely day, Abi. ❤️

    • Absolutely, mankind is such a stubborn learner.
      And until something or someone happens, only then we realise we are responsible for everything inside of us, open the windows to our soulsc and clean up every room
      in our temple.
      Have a lovely day too Jeff❤

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