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It’s not easy

November 1, 2021

to make ends meet especially with a big family, and in the stream of a pandemic where one or both breadwinners were suddenly out of work and are just getting by.

In May, a poll of nearly 3,000 BusinessTech readers showed that 18% of South Africans had a side hustle. This increased to 24% of readers in a similar survey of readers in October.

Middle-class South Africans are turning to side hustles to make ends meet

They are exploring different avenues to secure second incomes. Avenues such as…


Or even renting out a spare room in their homes listing the room on a platform like Airbnb or even advertised as a room for hire on community groups on platforms like Facebook or other social platforms.

Other side hustles include….

Restoring furniture,

Offering guided tours,

To earn extra income anyone with a gift for storytelling and an engaging way with guests could bring history to life for others.

Turning preserves into an extra income.

Spreading the love for jellies and preserves is taking off in many communities. Households are selling their wares at local markets and from their homes.

Some of the most successful businesses in the country began as side hustles, thanks to South Africans who were passionate about making a difference.

People are turning inwards to their own talents and crafts to bring home the extra bacon.

The reality is that every business has to start somewhere, and they all typically begin as part-time or after-hours ventures.

SIDE HUSTLES, EXTRA INCOME, MAKING ENDS MEET…. Wishing the 24% of middle and low income class well on their life- change journeys! Once you reach your goals you’ll know that all those hours of trek and even schlepp, you will know that it was well worth it.

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