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October 30, 2021

There they stood, a number of letters bundled together, heartedly tied with a pretty rainbow-coloured bow.

Flushed they stood hopelessly hoping, they stood in a queue sweating from dizzy heights,

so forlorn, nervously now, after so many tries they waited on a cue.

Time after time I felt like deleting the sincerity inherent in the question.  Yet in the fluttering of my heart I kept neatening the bow, graciously holding them up.

Each time sent to the back and queued once more, merely waiting for the hat 👒 tip…we see you, it is your turn now, please enter the cable car…

heartfelt words tied in a pretty knot, just for you.

What would you do if you weren’t constantly trying to fix yourself. 

fearing a referendum for the hat tip to reach and touch the mountain top. I hear you and thank you.

And maybe that’s what we see happening around us. People who aren’t engaged in the mission are leaving the mission.

patch myself up so there would be no evidence of my brokenness.

Japanese aesthetic Wabi-sabi emphasizes the beauty in the imperfect.

Kintsukuroi highlights the breaks and draws attention to the imperfections.

Honestly some days are harder than others. Patching myself up. Clinging on to God is the only thing that takes the pain away.. 

patch myself up so there would be no evidence of my brokenness.

Coming to terms with my new reality.  Don’t take the pretty bundle of words for granted.
Having control of my life is different to doing things for myself.

Mending the areas with silver gold and platinum words

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  1. Beautiful words, and pics, Abi. Your post reminds me of the reality that the entire cosmos is full of opposites, and that in between this polarity is where the jewels of life live. It also reminds me that inside of brokenness is where wholeness lives and vice versa. They are one. I love this post. ❤️❤️

    • Good morning Jeff. Thank you so much. Yes I’m proud of my orchid still blooming. I haven’t counted the weeks down rather just loving the amazing strength in her fragility.
      Full of opposites, you strike the nerve and trust you to draw the balance. I truly appreciate your insightful perspective. It leaves me with a gentle ponder… happy Sunday to you❤

      • Good morning, Abi. You’re most welcome. Always. Proud indeed. Most beautiful, is she. Balance, indeed. Is always my pleasure. Thank you; have a blissful day. ❤️

      • Thank you Jeff❤

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