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October 29, 2021

rough to smooth

that was the whole idea, until ding-dong loadshedding knocked at my door.

And no I’m not a senior lady with grey hair tired of ironing.

I love my anti-wrinkle treatments. It allows me to steam out all my crinkled ideas. Ironing is really therapeutic. The fact is, I am a happy ironer It is like having a hobby. I’m not doing it because I have to, but because I like to. And the ‘like to’ I recognise as a kind of privilege well-earned.

Chore therapy is a discipline of mindfulness. I enjoy the work, getting lost in smoothing out all the creases. From time to time I find myself relaxing and doing it all the time. Slowly dissipating steam, from time to time, as I please.

Loadshedding has a way of blocking that, but hey I have other chore therapies to do. The roses are calling. Will be back in an hour or two. Happy Friday to you


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  1. FatherV permalink

    Yes the roses 🌹 are calling
    Puckered roses that need to be licked and probed
    Moist roses with open petals that need to be stimulated and popped
    Aubergines in the garden that need to be pulled
    Gardens are full of delightful chores
    The bishop is cuming for a garden fete

    • Oh good evening Bishop
      You’ve travelled?
      A garden fete you say
      Will need a thinking cap indeed
      Perhaps the best dirt digger
      What you think?

  2. Ironing as meditation sounds divine.

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