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Forbidden Love

October 28, 2021

Ali and Nino, is a familiar tale of lovers who end up in tragic circumstances that keep them apart. As opposed to warring families, in Ali and Nino’s case, it was the first World War.

The author of the novel is unknown, credited to the alias Kurban Said. But despite the unknown origins, the title has become a literary classic in the area and is considered to be the national novel of Azerbaijan.

First told in the 1937 Austrian novel, it is Ali and Nino…

…this famous love that inspired Georgian artist Tamara Kvesitadze to create her monumental moving sculpture in 2010. 

At the age of five Tamara Kvesitadze already loved Vermeer and Giacometti. At the age of eight years she painted watercolours like an old master.

An architect by education, she started to make dolls in Tibilisi to make a living in the turbulent 1990s.


The love statue begins to move every day at 7 p.m., merging for a short embrace, before leaving each other behind. After 10 minutes the movement is complete. The love sculpture was designed in 2007 but only installed in 2010. It has since been retitled “Ali and Nino.”

ME and YOU Tamara Kvesitadze

The work celebrates the return of Tamara to painting in 2013.

Tamara Kvesitadze, Georgian architecht, sculptor and painter.

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