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In the words of the Buddha…

October 27, 2021

Your work is to discover your work…

In Mzansi it works like this!!!

You fake it, till you make it


Lady Justice mini
 by Laura Pierre-Louis

Lady Justice shows up.

A 30-year-old Durban woman who allegedly pretended to be an attorney has been charged for fraud.

Trust Mzansi, all things are possible. Play to the audience, just don’t get caught.

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  1. Mzansi – wow I’d never heard this word before… does it have particular connotations, or is it just an informal name for South Africa?

  2. This is fantastic, Abi; and the artwork is gorgeous. ❤️

    • Thank you Jeff❤. You know I appreciate your thoughts and feelings.
      Isn’t it. I was quite surprised that Lady Justice features in so many artists collections or work.

      • You’re most welcome, Abi. I do, and the appreciation is reciprocated. It is always my pleasure to read you and provide those thoughts and feelings. ❤️ Indeed. ❤️

      • Your world when you write, is a delight to observe.
        Thank you Jeff❤

  3. Yes, I was almost victim of a fraudulent lawyer once. I looked up his name after I hired him and found that the city newspaper had done several exposés about him. He gave me my money back after I threatened to contact the newspaper again.

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