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Wisdom’s Sunday Wisdom

October 10, 2021

When Someone Steps a Little Too Close

Do not be intimadated☆

Best right of all times 😅

I grew up in a household of males

My Father was a Police man

Being the runt of the litter he employed a Boxer to teach me to protect myself

Years later I praise my Father for his insight

All females must protect themselves from the start to the end of life

Perhaps we all should learn to use the right arm 🤠

I have the Best Right still.

It works wonders

I have never had to do Business on my back but I know Men who did 😁😅

Wise and Clever Daddy, nothing wrong with some kick-boxing tips either.

In the real boxing world this morning ….

Tyson Fury beats Deontay Wilder to retain WBC heavyweight boxing title

There is an old adage, that goes like this,

◇Better luck next time◇

We cannot fathom the way of Providence

All in all Tyson Fury got himself a very good trainer to helo him retain the title. See where Providence stood. In the eyes of Providence, Coaches and Trainers deserve the limelight too. Better luck next time Wilder.

  1. So nice on your boxing training.

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